• A Nutting They Did Go

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    A bit of a zany tribute to NASA and other space exploration organizations around the world and also to science fiction writers and producers. They both inspire each other and provide the rest of us with some of our most exciting hopes, dreams and fantasies.

    Thanks for watching, liking and commenting on my videos!


    Main Bass Line: 3 x Synth Tech MOTM-300 VCO's, sub-mixed with a Moon Modular M526 mixer and then into a Grove Audio PM Resonator followed by a prototype/beta sample of Grove Audio's G294A low pass filter kit I built (basically a Moog 904A clone) and finally into a MOTM-190 VCA that is being modulated by a Moon M511C VC EG. A Moon M569 sequencer provides 1 row of pitch control for the VCOs and gates for the EG, 2 rows of CV for the EG and the 4th row is transposing rows 1 and 2 via my custom modification. A MOTM-380 quad LFO also modulates the overall CV level of the EG. Strymon Mobius and BigSky pedals provided effects processing.

    Occasional Melodic Line: Novation UltraNova MIDI'd to a Korg microStation playing preset patches in unison.

    Rhythm Line: Roland TR505 drum machine playing stock patterns. MIDI out of the TR505 also goes to a Moon Modular M553 MIDI-To-Clock module to drive the M569 sequencer.

    Lift Off Roar: Just a quick bit of sound design I did with the 5U modular. Two outputs from a MOTM-101 Noise module go into a Happy Nerding Fun VCF with a little help from a Synthesizers.com Q125 Signal processor etc.

    Asteroid Thump And Following Explosion: these are licensed from Pond5.com and I had used them in a previous video a couple years ago.

    Movie Dialog Clips: There are all licensed from Loopmasters.com and from two different movies; Assignment Outer Space and Cosmic Mission. (except for the word "DERP" that I recorded myself ;-)

    Video Clips: A majority of the clips are public domain and I downloaded them for free from www.pond5.com! Such a great resource for video makes, check 'em out! Some of the clips I had licensed before and used in prior videos.

    Modular synth audio was recorded to a Marantz PMD-661 flash recorder and then transferred to my PC. Keyboard synths were recorded direct to the PC via the Ultranova's USB interface. My 'Derp Voice' was recorded direct to the PC using a Blue Microphones Yeti USB mic.

    Everything was mixed/assembled in Sony Movie Studio Platinum 12. Show less
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