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  • Raven - Bring The Hammer Down (Live 1982)

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  • Live At The Inferno Play all

    Year of Release: 1984

    Members: john - vocals/bass mark - guitar/vocals rob - drums

    Writers: john/rob/mark

    Instruments: same as All For One.. with the addition of some esp precision basses & esp strats and tele/strat hybrid guitars

    Production Notes: raven & norman dunn

    Johns Review: In order to preempt our old record company putting out the inevitable greatest hits we basically did this album live & was part of our deal in getting away from neat records a great snapshot of what we sounded like right there on that 2nd usa tour!! back cover shot is from the roseland nyc show we did with anthrax & metallica - where all 3 bands got signed.my favorite? let it rip!!

    Tracklisting: intro/live at the inferno/take control/mind over metal/crash bang wallop/rock until you drop/faster than the speed of light/all for one/forbidden planet(guitar solo)/star war/tyrant of the airways-run silent run deep/crazy world/let it rip/i.g.a.r.b.o.(bass solo)/wiped out/firepower/i dont need your money/break the chain/hell patrol/live at the inferno
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  • Rock Until You Drop Play all

    Year of Release: 1981

    Members: John Gallagher - vocals/bass Mark Gallagher - guitar/vocals Rob Hunter - drums/vocals

    Writers: john/rob/mark except hellraiser/action(scott/connelly/priest/tucker)

    Instruments: John - fender precision bass fender precision fretless (on 39/40) ibanez 8 string bass(on tyrant of the airways) kramer 8 string (title track solo) classical guitar (39/40) Mark - fender telecaster, no-name strat copy Rob - tama 24″ double kick kit

    Production Notes: steve thompson & mickey sweeney co produced by raven on hellraiser/action & for the future recorded at impulse studios, wallsend england

    Johns Review: magic!! we were actually doing an albumalthough this was done off & on over a period of a few months whenever we could sneak in for half a daythats why you can hear the bands sound evolving over this period..fave moments? walking on plastic cups for the title track intro! working title for 39/40″? more ale landlord!! we knew it was a good album but it did so well, probably because it sounds like no-one else..

    Tracklisting: hard ride/hell patrol/dont need your money/over the top/39-40/for the future/rock until you drop/nobodys hero/hellraiser-action/lambs to the slaughter/tyrant of the airways **cd reissue has extra tracks: wiped out/crazy world/inquisitor
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  • WIPED OUT Play all

    Year of Release: 1982

    Members: john - vocals/bass mark - guitar/vocals rob - drums/vocals

    Writers: John, Rob, Mark

    Instruments: Mark:same as before with the addition of a fender the strat. John:all the bass is the kramer 8 string, except the intro of chainsaw which is the first time i used my red explorer with the trem! although they are hardly in the mix, i did use bass pedals(moog taurus knockoffs..) on fttsol and bring the hammer down..also star war Rob:tama 24″double kick kit Rob & John play the piano at the end of chainsaw(!!) Keith Nichol did the synth stuff on the album introand John played classical guitar again on 20/21″. Mark used a carlsbro adr analog echo unitSmashed a bottle and repeated kicked the gas fire!!! The production was helped by the rental of a lexicon digital reverb used on the mix..that was basically all the outboard gear used - Marks echo unit was used also on the mix!!!!

    Production Notes: keith nichol & raven ehgineered by keoth nichol, recorded at impulsestudio, wallsend england

    Johns Review: insanedid all this & the c.b.w. ep in just over a weekwrote most of to the limit as we recorded itI remember hold back the fire during the solos peak..mark standing on the piano stamping (whole track is live except the short 1st soloas was 90% of the album) we really intended to go over the top but were never really happy with the sound - (the wrong mix was pressed as the album)although the attitude makes up for it!! a good representation of our live show at the timef**in nuts!!

    Tracklisting: faster than the speed of light/bring the hammer down/firepower/read all about it/to the limit to the top/battlezone/live at the inferno/star war/uxb/20-21/hold back the fire/chainsaw **cd reissue has the following extra tracks:crash bang wallop/run them down/rock hard
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  • Architect Of Fear Play all

    Year of Release: 1990

    Members: john - vocals/bass mark - guitar/vocals joe - drums/vocals

    Writers: john/mark/joe

    Instruments: john - kramer 8 string/custom explorer mark - various esp strats & teles joe - sonor 24″ double kick kit

    Production Notes: raven engineered by detlef mohrmann & heimi milkus recorded at mohrmann studio witten, germany june/july 1990

    Johns Review: wow - this was an experience..wed hooked up with kreators management in germany & they brought us over to do the album therea very loonie month!!! the studio was small but sounded great & detlef & heimi (singer from german band risk) did a fine job i come down from singing & find mark & joe lost in horror movies on the vcr a local english guy dragged his new synth in & we used it for a few bits here & there this is one heavy album!!!!inbetween recording & mixing we went to holland & did 3 gigs to blow off steam & play a couple of new songs - all on begged/borrowed and unpaid for equipmentwe actually played the cheese metal festival in gouda!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Tracklisting: intro/architect of fear/disciple/got the devil/part of the machine/under the skin/white hot anger/cant run & hide/blind leading the blind/relentless/just let me go/heart attack/sold down the river
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  • ALL FOR ONE Play all

    Year of Release: 1983

    Members: john - vocals/bass/bass pedals mark - guitars/vocals rob - drums/vocals

    Writers: john/rob/mark

    Instruments: john - fender precision/kramer 8 string bass custome explorer bass with trem/taurus bass pedals mark - esp custom telecaster/fender tele/squire strat rob - same tama kit retro fitted with roto toms as his main toms!!

    Production Notes: michael wagener & udo dirkschneider

    Johns Review: wed had enough of the restrictions of our old studio & insisted the next album was done in a real studio with a real producer - we loved the sound on the accept albums breaker & restless & wild so we contacted mike wagener who was now partners with udo from acceptwe did a weeks worth of pre-production with them in this horrible basement rehearsal studio, and recorded at a studio in the west of londonthis was all a big step for us..wed consiously slowed down the songs & made the arrangements more powerful..mike brought that out even more!! we persuaded udo to guest on a couple of songs released on singles later still possibly our fans fave album & i can see why!!

    Tracklisting: take control/mind over metal/sledgehammer rock/all for one/run silent run deep/hung drawn & quartered/break the chain/take it away/seek & destroy/athletic rock **cd reissue has the following extra tracks: born to be wild/inquisitor/ballad of marshall stack
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