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  • JOE NORMAL - The HUTCH Years...Vol. I (full album) 1999 Play all

    DOWNLOADS HERE: http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/joenormal2

    The HUTCH Years... Vol. I " Debut / Extend EP"

    Lo-Fi indie folk-pop, the press compared this to Beck, The Beatles, John Lennon, Badfinger. The strength here is in the songwriting and charming lo-fi production.

    Album Notes
    A winning debut CD appeals with some raw Lennon -isms, Westerberg -like swagger, Lo-Fi BECK -meets- Syd Barrett tones, and Badfinger -esque songwriting. A charming artist, (and a real nice guy.)

    The first 5 songs were released between 1999 - 2000 as an EP simply entitled HUTCH, Joe Normal's first solo release after a 6 year run with sibling based trio, The Hutchinsons. The EP's original liner notes appear on the inside cover. (Please refer to back cover for current contact information).

    Tracks 1- 5:

    All Songs, Vocals, Acoustic & Electric Guitars, Drums, Acoustic & Electric Piano, Bass, Percussion written, performed, recorded, and produced by JOE "HUTCH" HUTCHINSON (Joe Normal). (Drums and Surf Guitar on So Spaced Out by Jimmy Hutchinson).

    Tracks 6 - 11:

    All Songs Vocals, Acoustic & Electric Guitars, Drums, Acoustic & Electric Pianos, Bass, Percussion, harmonica, glockenspiel, autoharp, written, performed, recorded, and produced by JOE "HUTCH" HUTCHINSON (Joe Normal). ("She's Got Me Flying" - Drums, Backing Vocals, Percussion by Eric Skodis / Bass by Glenn Hays / Mixed by Jack Atlantis).

    Tracks 12 & 13:

    One year after his attention-catching appearance on the Food Network's FOOD NATION series with Chef Bobby Flay, HUTCH {JOE "HUTCH" HUTCHINSON (Joe Normal)} was asked to contribute some patriotic music for a special Memorial Day episode.

    These patriotic anthems were chosen and adapted by Joe, then recorded live as a simple power-trio with his "Turn It Around" (Smile Records) line-up featuring Thom Sullivan (drums) and Glenn Hays (bass). The verse lyrics for When Johnny Comes Marching Home were written by Joe Normal. (Co-Produced by - Steve Refling).
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  • JOE NORMAL - The HUTCH Years... Vol. II (full album) (2002) Play all

    DOWNLOADS HERE: http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/joenormal3

    JOE NORMAL (THE HUTCH YEARS... Vol. II) "Turn It Around"

    A steady-selling underground power pop CD that touches the same nerves as Cheap Trick, The Smithereens, Big Star, and The Who. Give this one a couple listens to grow on ya. It'll never leave the stereo.

    Just found this effort a couple months back. after one or two listens I thought it had potential, but not very much. A few songs and hooks stood out but the songs didn't seem memorable. Then after about the fourth play ( over two weeks) it suddenly clicked. Melodies that seemingly weren't there appeared and they were good.....really good. Then the guitar started to click and the chops that were hidden in the mix before, starting sinking in....and it was good. Overall the album hits hard with lots of power-pop-type melodies, Hutch has a killer guitar tone, very sweet, and the rhythm section is very musical, very tight. The melodies take a while to sink in, but then again the most lasting albums usually take a while to click. This is pop in it's purest and best form. The best cuts are the title track, "so spaced out" (with its funky wah and killer drums), the robust "Leaving Hollywood", "I don't belong" "something about you" (with a wonderful melody) and the slow burn of "Stay with Me". These are bonified killer melodies, and there is virtuallyu no filler to be had. I cannot say enough of how good this unheralded effort is. Production is bright and sparse...just guitar bass and drums. I'll wager this trio burns up the stage in live performances. I'll recommend this to anyone, even though I've just discovered it this Spring it's been this year's best pickup for my collection. Some may think this is formula, and it is..... it's Hutch's formula, the guy knocks it out of the park with this effort.
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  • JOE NORMAL - The HUTCH Years... Vol. III (full album) 2006 Play all

    DOWNLOADS HERE: http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/joenormal4

    Joe Normal (THE HUTCH YEARS... Vol. III)

    A simple acoustic masterpiece that grabs the listener in a way not unlike listening to the "Scoop" demo series from Pete Townshend, for those familiar with these pieces of works. Pure Folk-Pop, raw, unpolished and unpretentious. Westerberg meets Gallagher.

    REVIEW: Not Lame Recordings...
    Really an simple acoustic masterpiece that will grab the listener in a way not unlike listening to the "Scoop" demo series from Pete Townshend for those familiar with these pieces of works. Pure Folk-Pop, raw, unpolished and unpretentious. John Lennon, Paul McCartney, Chris Bell, Paul Westerberg, Karl Wallinger, and Donovan come to mind, but JOE NORMAL (HUTCH) may have the songwriting goods to stand up to his influences. Please take a moment and listen below, you’ll hear the warmth, intimacy and sheer competency of an artist in full control of not only his talents but one that can take the bare minimalism on display here and not only hold your attention, but have you snap up out of your seat, leaning forward to hear the song more closely.
    JOE NORMAL (HUTCH) is at home performing intimate coffeehouse settings acoustically on guitar and piano, or delivering explosive full-wattage arena rock type shows with his bandmates. It’s this type of versatility that keeps his music interesting and captures the attention of listeners who, like him, constantly flip the car stereo dial back and forth between classic rock, college radio and alternative stations in search of something genuine and new. A note from Joe, explains even more: "What you are hearing are a batch of songs that I’ve chosen to release as sparse and as raw as they sounded when I wrote them. For better or worse, they are vulnerable and imperfect... but, honest. It stuck me some time ago that there is an over-abundance of highly-processed, hyper-digitized music smothering absolutely every media channel. It seems that in a time when reality based entertainment is at an all time peak, we couldn’t be farther away from witnessing the truth. So, in the spirit of pure simplicity, and with a care-free folk-you attitude, I’d like to share with you these organic melodies and musings."
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  • JOE NORMAL - The HUTCH Years... Vol. IV (full album) 2008 Play all

    DOWNLOADS HERE: http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/joenormal5

    JOE NORMAL - The HUTCH Years... Vol. IV "Hollylake & Silverwood"

    As graduates of the original Silverlake underground pop scene, HUTCH (JOE NORMAL) mined classic 60's & 70's Rock to create "retro-forward" soundscapes that draw the listener in, but quality songwriting and choice cover tunes keep you coming back.

    Album Notes

    I was either living in Hollywood and/or recording at the Silverlake studio my brother and I shared at the time when most of these tracks were written, and these recordings were made.

    The Remo Music Studio is situated in a run-down Los Angeles barrio near Eagle Rock in Silverlake. If not for the battered, vintage neon sign that remains above the doorway of this old-time music storefront, the locals would seriously think the gringos that come n go at all hours were surely taking their lives in their own hands. But it seems that being a musician has the magic of making one a neutral character in the eyes of the outsider.

    Regardless, shotgun blasts have been witnessed out front during sessions on saturday afternoons. Drug-dealing gangstas have been caught hiding out on the roof as police cars drove up the sidewalk and surrounded the building with sirens a-blare... guns drawn... bullhorns a'cracking.

    Then there is the heat... The summer temperatures in the studio reach well into the 100s because of the absence of air-conditioning there. Needless to say, it's brutal just being in there, let alone playing the drums or rehearsing the band for hours! We were certainly sweating it out for our art.

    Despite all this, I have returned there faithfully and consistently to do my life's work, and have always dealt with all of these things rather humourously.

    However, the one thing that I could not bring myself to accept or laugh about was the mutant cockroaches that inhabit that space. They are literally the size of mice, and often take flight haphazardously from walls and from behind guitar amps when least expected.

    My original title for this CD was actually "ROCKCOACHES IN THE BARRIO"... A play on words relating to both the bugs and the cool rockin' vintage vehicles various band members and liggers-on have driven to rehearsals and the recording sessions at this site.

    Ultimately, the rent was cheap and a band could make as much noise as they wanted at any hour of the day or night without a single complaint. And I certainly took advantage of this over the five or six years I created work there.
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  • CRUDE FOLK (full album) - JOE NORMAL (2015) Play all

    DOWNLOADS HERE: http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/joenormal7


    My Fellow Normal People Everywhere,

    With no intention or awareness that I was working on a new record, I began the process of purely documenting a bunch of new songs, quite crudely and undoubtedly rough around the edges, basically just to get this shit out of my head and down here for others to hear, react or relate to.

    On most of the tracks I started out with a single mediocre microphone duct taped to a broom handle, as I performed in a cramped bungalow’s 6’ x 6’ four-doored enclosed hallway between the kitchen, bathroom, bedroom and living room. There was an obsolete gas heater built into the wooden floor that reverberated like a boss bass drum every time I stomped my foot on the floor to keep the beat… so I went with it.

    I realized at some point that what I was working on could never compete with the corporate backed produced-to-perfection flavor of the moment glamour that dominates the mainstream, so I made it my mission to go completely in the opposite direction and to make a record for the rest of us that defies all industry standards. My only standard was that there was no standard... except that I had to feel strongly enough about the song itself.

    In fact, there is nothing slick about this record. It assuredly cost more to manufacture and deliver the copy you are holding than it did to record and produce the recordings it contains. I even told the photographer not to bother coming and shot the photos myself using the ten second timer on my cellphone camera on the way home from a couple gigs late at night.

    My one biggest challenge in this whole process was finding a poignant title for this unassuming collection of acoustic driven melodies that I’d hastily slapped together with tape, glue and house paint.

    Then finally one afternoon while bouncing around the grimier streets of Los Angeles, preoccupied with this undertaking, I happened upon a gallery of Crude Folk Art… and thus my album’s title was revealed to me.

    JOE NORMAL, Spring 2015
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