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  • Together We are Strong - Jamaica National #JNProud

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    We are Proud to be JN and Together we are Strong... One Jamaica! #JNProud

    Song Lyrics:

    United by a dream
    Supported by a team you can trust
    Building on foundations of integrity

    Verse I
    When you find a team that thinks like you do
    You believe in a dem cause dem believe inna you
    And the things you want fi dem
    Dem want the same fi you too just like a family
    Just like a family we moving to the beat of a drum
    One goal one aim one destination
    From time to time there will be differences but we always work them through

    Together we're strong and we gonna get stronger
    Together we're one we are the future
    What's good for me is good for you and better for Jamaica too
    We're one we are Jamaican

    Verse 2
    Brick by brick we build foundation
    Talking bout Security for every generation
    We've seen hopes and dreams turn to reality
    It nuh easy but we always find a way

    Together we're strong.....

    Verse 3
    As we get ready for the road ahead
    Our hands and heart we will have to pledge
    There'll be challenges that face us
    They will test but they won't break us
    With God’s help, hard work and innovation
    we'll reap the sweet fruits of co-operation

    Together we're strong....

    Verse 4
    From 18 how long we a fight fi protect
    the legacy the heritage one of respect
    People love we people trust we
    and dem even tek wi as family
    Dream dream mi a big up Di dream
    Team team mi a big up mi team
    Dream team we a big up we team
    Big up the JN team

    We are full of pride full of JN pride
    and this JN pride you know we just can't hide
    We are full of pride full of JN pride
    We are JN Jamaica National

    Together we're strong and we gonna get stronger
    Together we're one we are the future Show less
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  • JN Foundation Play all

    The JN Foundation was established in 1990 as the charitable arm of the JN Group. Its mandate is to manage and execute the philanthropic efforts of The Jamaica National Group and contribute to the developmental needs of Jamaica.
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  • Banking Services Play all

    JN Bank is Jamaica’s first mutually-owned commercial bank, 100 per cent held by its savers and borrowers.

    Invigorated with the values and principles of its predecessor, the Jamaica National Building Society, JN Bank is underpinned by nearly a century and a half of rich history and legacy, which it continues to build on as a member of The Jamaica National Group. The leading private mortgage provider in Jamaica, JN Bank is committed to the success of Jamaicans, through bold initiatives, products and services that instil confidence and create extraordinary experiences.

    As a bank owned by the people, JN BANK understands the needs of Jamaicans; their aspirations and their motivations. Our products and services are, therefore, created to assist our customers to achieve their financial objectives and life goals.
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  • General Insurance Play all

    JN General Insurance Company Limited (JNGI), formerly NEM Insurance, is the longest established of all General Insurance companies operating in Jamaica. The tradition of excellence dates all the way back to 1934.

    JNGI is a member of The Jamaica National Group, having become a subsidiary in April 2000, when the former Jamaica National Building Society, now JN Bank, acquired majority holding in the company.

    On May 1, 2012, N.E.M. changed its name to JN General Insurance Company Limited (JNGI), to identify more closely with our parent and benefit from the strength and recognition of the JN brand and reputation in the wider Jamaican marketplace.
    Visit JNGI
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  • Roadside Assistance and Transportation Services Play all

    The Jamaica Automobile Association (JAA), the premier Auto Club in Jamaica, provides unique member services, and is the source for vital information about safe road use and practices for road users and its members across the island. Over the years, the Association has played an integral role in enhancing the awareness of motorists about the automotive and road landscape in Jamaica, to increase their appreciation for safe motoring.

    The organisation provides critical roadside assistance and motor vehicle services to its more than 30,000 members, including–emergency roadside service, and vehicle recovery anywhere in the island, within 40 minutes. And, within the context of its quarterly Auto Fests, the JAA educates members about keeping their motor vehicles road worthy, and puts them in contact with suppliers of vehicle parts and services, which they can access at discount rates.
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  • Small Business Loans Play all

    JN Small Business Loans Limited (JNSBL) is a wholly owned subsidiary of The Jamaica National Group.

    JNSBL believes fully in the spirit and innovativeness of Jamaicans and is committed to delivering affordable and timely credit to assist entrepreneurs, with limited access to credit from traditional banking sources, to achieve their potential.

    Using the most modern and cutting edge technology, as well as best practices, to promote accessibility and efficiency, JNSBL has, since the year 2000, transformed the lives of thousands of Jamaicans by driving the creation and maintenance of thousands of jobs through the disbursement of loans valued at billions of dollars.

    JNSBL recognises the importance of small and micro entrepreneurs to the Jamaican economy and offers a range of products and services through its 30 locations across the island to position micro and small business owners to expand their operations; increase income and improve the quality of their lives, while supporting the development of Jamaica. Our products include easy-to-access micro and small business loans, personal loans and motor vehicle
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  • Remittances and Payment Services Play all

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  • Uploads Play all

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