• Lady Leshurr - Chase The Dream

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    All I do is dream big
    Small but I'm a be Big
    I'm a be notorious so all I ever see is B.I.G
    I don't wanna die yet so I don't wanna see Big L
    2 packed (2 Pacced) in here even though the scenes big
    I have a dream like Martin Luthur King did
    Even though I hardly go to sleep to know what sleep is
    I remember when my dreams were shattered into pieces
    I had to go back to the drawing board and call some meetings
    And then it started happening
    Of course it was my management
    I had to cut her off cus she was dumb like a mannequin
    Made me miss my chance of getting signed so I was panicking
    But now I guarantee that won't run - Marathon
    Damn it was embarrassing I started acting arrogant
    I thought my dream was DEAD, thought I needed an ambulance
    But now my dreams alive and I'm on top like I'm balancing
    If they ever seen what my bank balance said?
    L YEAH!!!
    Figure it out
    All I ever see is me like my mirror was out
    They're sleeping on Lesh so I'll just pillow them down
    And put that mattress back to the back
    Whilst I get back to the money in my bank
    Whilst I get back to the money in my hand
    Ready to attack I'm a bully with a bang
    They wanna Label me I took it in advance
    I'm a Mom for them I'm becoming like a Dad
    I'm confident but I'm gonna be advanced
    This game is a race and I won it cus I'm fast
    Had shows in Sweden already been Milan
    I'll soon be in Japan already been in Dam, Damn!
    No energy to enemies with jealousy
    Tryna make a meal I'm not tryna give you my recipe
    Giving you the best of me tryna take my integrity
    They're useless who are you to us (uterus) - Hysterectomy
    I'm the future, they're moving like some fugitives
    These rappers rather shoot at people I'd rather shoot a vid
    And put it on the internet and gain a couple views from it
    So don't act up and make a scene - Movie clip
    PEW! Moving quick running fast like it's the feds
    Cus I can see some blue and red
    Like Crips and Bloods - Blue and Red
    So I'm shouting "F The World!" excuse my manners it's Tourettes
    Now they see I'm balling so all they can do is intercept
    I'm making doh I'm making bread I'm calling it bagguettes
    Houston we have a problem, like Whitney's death
    Got a couple G's from selling Units call me 50 Cent
    It was all a dream like Biggy Said!

    Woke up to reality only to chase my dream x8

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