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    Watch the NEW method for quickly learning how to use InsMark software (including how to access case studies for virtually any advanced sales area). To get to this new training platform, go to http://www.robert-b-ritter-....... Show less
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  • Step 1: What Life Producers Say About InsMark and How That Can Benefit You Play all

    Before diving in to learning about InsMark sales ideas using cash value life insurance and then how to use the InsMark software to then create client presentations, it will be helpful to know how other life producers feel about InsMark and what results they have been able to achieve. So, watch the videos in Step #1 and this will give you the motivation and encouragement to move through the other videos on this Channel.
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  • Step 2: Getting Started with InsMark


    InsMark is focused on helping both consumers and financial service professionals identify, understand, and capitalize on planning opportunities that exist or arise due to market conditions or tax law.

    We are committed to using creativity, innovation, and real-world expertise in designing products and services that generate easy-to-understand solutions to complex financial issues.

    We are dedicated to helping our clients use our products and services effectively through superior customer relations.


    InsMark was established by Robert B. Ritter, Jr., in 1983 to provide illustration software and related marketing services for the insurance and financial services industry. InsMark provides its customer base with marketing strategies derived from his extensive experience in the upscale personal and business insurance markets.

    Prior to the formation of InsMark, Bob Ritter had been an agent and general agent with Mass Mutual Life Insurance Company followed by several years as an independent broker. Until the development of InsMark, he was a consistent qualifier for the insurance industry's most exclusive marketing groups -- the MDRT's Top Of The Table and the International Forum.

    Product Technology

    InsMark's product line utilizes unique approach to illustrating all forms of cash value life insurance illustration systems. Illustration design requires the coordination of three disciplines: actuarial, legal and creative presentation, and no system is good at mastering all three.

    InsMark deals solely with creative presentations -- leaving actuarial and legal considerations to the carrier's primary illustration system. To do this, InsMark developed its proprietary specifications (Button File) that each licensed insurance company uses to "link" data from its illustration systems.

    With this approach, the field producer can present InsMark illustrations as "top page" concept proposals or, as the MDRT has called them, "diet" proposals. Mathematical and legal compliance is covered by requiring that the insurance company's illustrations must accompany the InsMark presentation. To this end, InsMark was the driving force behind the NAIC's acceptance of "supplemental illustrations" as a special presentation category.

    Although client companies often request customization of InsMark output for compliance purposes, separating the creative presentation from the actuarial number crunching gives InsMark -- and its customers -- a distinct advantage in software development. Typically, such development requires an extensive commitment of time and dollars due to the actuarial demands of the project. This leaves little time or resources to develop the artistic portion of the presentation.

    InsMark's linking technology allows its research and development staff to concentrate on the artistic aspects of the presentation. Proving that this technique works, InsMark is the only illustration system consistently asked for by name by insurance producers in the field.
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  • Step 3: Sales Presentations Using the InsMark Illustration System Play all

    The InsMark Illustration System is the software product that most life insurance producers think about when they hear about “The InsMark System”. The basic idea is that you run a proposal using your carrier’s software and then the policy data (premiums, cash values and death benefits) are transferred over to the InsMark Illustration System where they are reformatted into a specific sales presentation (such as Permanent Vs. Term). There are 15 sales presentation modules for the individual consumer market and 15 sales presentations for the business/executive benefits market. In addition, there are 19 fantastic calculators (such as an IRA Calculator) and then, finally, you have several needs analysis modules (such as the Survivor Needs Analysis presentations) that will quickly and easily demonstrate how much life insurance is needed by the client. The InsMark Illustration System is very easy to learn and use and is a "must have" for life producers selling cash value life insurance in today's market. We strongly recommend that you watch all of the videos in this Playlist in order to get the most out of this Channel content.
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  • Step 4: Comprehensive Wealth Planning Using the InsMark Wealthy and Wise Software Play all

    In this section, these videos will help you learn how to do comprehensive wealth planning for your clients (as opposed to the one-off transaction approach). Here, we will get all of the clients financial information and then plug everything into the InsMark Wealthy and Wise software and then help them figure out (a) with their current assets and plan, if and when can they afford to retire and no run out of money, (b) can we make changes in the way that their assets are liquidated to fund retirement income that will produce more income or greater net worth over time and (c) can cash value life insurance be used to improve their situation or not. Also, the Wealthy and Wise software is harder to use than the InsMark Illustration System. And, Wealthy and Wise cases take more time to develop and close. However, the rewards are 10 fold because with Wealthy and Wise, you become a trusted adviser rather than a product salesperson and the commissions on these cases tend to be substantial. Finally, often you will see that we use presentations from the InsMark Illustration System to supplement the Wealthy and Wise analysis so we strongly recommend that you watch the videos in Step 2 before watching the videos in this Playlist.
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  • Step 5: Selling To Small Business Owners Using The InsMark Business Valuator Play all

    For clients who are business owners, you really can’t do much planning with them until and unless you can help them with a credible business valuation. The problem in the past has been cost (typically $5,000 or more from a local business appraiser). Powered by BizEquity (the leader in online business valuation), the InsMark Business Valuator gives you the ability to help your business owner clients determine the value of their business for only $365. What’s more, this $365 fee gives you a one year subscription so you can help your client make “what if” changes and then see in real time, how a change in sales or dependence upon the owner’s continued involvement would change the value of the business. This new online software platform is a game changer in the financial world because it gives you the ability to serve as a trusted adviser to your client and, at the same time, obtain all of their business and financial information that you need to run the comprehensive Wealthy and Wise analysis. If you have any interest in selling to clients that own their own business, it’s a must for you to review all of the videos in this section and learn about the InsMark Business Valuator platform.
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  • Step 6: Plan Summaries and Legal Agreements Using InsMark's Documents on a Disk Software Play all

    As you learn some of the different sales presentations in the InsMark Illustration System along with the more comprehensive Wealthy and Wise wealth accumulation planning strategies, you will encounter situations where you need written plan descriptions, agreements and tax citations for clients, key employees and the client’s other advisers (in-house and outside CPAs, attorneys and financial consultants). The videos in this section provide more information about InsMark’s Documents on a Disk software program that has more than 1,500 different written documents (so you have turn-key documentation for virtually every possible case situation).
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  • Step 7: Information About Specialized InsMark Software Products

    As discussed in earlier steps and Playlists, we recommend that life insurance producers use the Illustration of Values, permanent vs. term and investment comparison presentations from the InsMark Illustration System with every client where cash value life insurance is under consideration. Similarly, we suggest that producers use InsMark’s Wealthy and Wise software when doing comprehensive retirement and wealth planning. Finally, Documents on a Disk is invaluable any time you need plan descriptions and agreements for clients and advisers.

    In this Playlist, we have information about InsMark’s highly specialized software products (shown below) that are used in unique client circumstances:

    InsMark Loan Based Split Dollar System
    InsMark Leveraged Compensation System
    InsMark Premium Financing System
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  • Step 8: InsMark's Strategic Partners Play all

    From time to time, InsMark will partner with third parties when those third parties have products or services that we think can be helpful to our customers. In this Playlist, you will find videos from these strategic partners.
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