• Wake Up and Fold My Laundry Prank - Duration: 118 seconds.

    • 1 year ago
    We like to play pranks on each other.

    "I woke up and thought the house was being broken into or bombed."
  • Whats up People ive been gone for a long time my bad yo, i might upload some vids in the near future in the Reallife yaaa dig?

  • Ian's dog spilled water on his laptop so he asked alex and I (Codey) to upload something. He'll be uploading a commentary tonight or tomorrow and I'll edit a daytage and upload it. Just so you know.

  • Dual Comm. With a well Known Youtuber Tomarrow Bros!

  • Quick scoping is getting repatched! http://www.callofduty.com/board/viewtopic.php?f=70&t=...

  • Tryed to upload live comm 2 but youtube wont process the video. ill try again later

  • Going to start posting Call Of Duty Black Ops content early just for you guys <333

  • Sorry for the Lack of Vids lately guys. butcha know Call Of Duty Black Ops is just so epic.... cant stay off of it!

  • Youtube is deleting all accounts in December! Dear Youtube users, This is a real letter from our Youtube Service Team, Rober and Angela.We are putting this because there is too much fake accounts, and robotsin our Youtube community.In order to get rid of them, we are going to delete every account that did not repost this bulliten, or send this all to all of your friends in a message. BE WELL AWARE, that if you do not send this or repost it, your account will be deleted permanently...

  • Wow guys i cant beleive im almost at 1k subs that is crazy thanks so much guys !!!!!!!

  • Think im going to do an Edit over some Mw2 Gameplay... tell me what you think? This will be the last of my mw2 clips until Black Ops. i will only be doing the Killcam and the Cod 4 Live Commentarys Until Black Ops. Later Bros

  • I need players for SND Snipers only please. If you would like to play message me XGeTxSnipDX is the gamertag. Peace!=]

  • 14 and 0 snd with g18 only say whhaaaaat? bout to post that game today

  • TrulyTerrible - MurkaDurkah - Channel

    • 902 videos
    Lewd jokes for crude folks.

    Home of the Truly Terrible Podcast.

    Third best host of the Painkiller Already Podcast.

    Send your advice/questions regarding 'Truly Terrible' via YouTube PM.
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