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    This new and limited production product from ZP.tech is revolutionary and years in the making. Without fail, every year, the Sun is "reborn" on the Winter Solstice. The days are shorter, twilight becomes longer and a period of contemplation and reflection bring to life new beginnings, new goals, fresh starts and youthful ambitions. This extends thousands of years behind modern day "New Years Resolutions". If we go back to 2,000-3,000 BC we find Stonehenge, one of the wonders of the world for how it was erected and why. There are many suggestions and opinions, but many recognize that a coincidence that the north and south points of the ceremonial stones aligned perfectly with both the Summer and Winter Solstice with the placement of the Earths axis at that time. The alignment is so precise that coincidence must be moved to intentional.

    World and Regional Religions for Thousands of years have recognized God(s) With dates wrapped around the Solstice.

    Egypt- Horus -- 3,000 BC
    Greece- Attis - 1,200 BC
    India- Krishna- 900 BC
    Greece- Dionysus- 500 BC
    Persia- Mirtha- 1200 BC
    Jesus Christ- 7-2BC

    With many hot debates taking place over who was born when, somewhere along the lines, our deities have been attached to these clockwork solstices in some opinions. What do we experience on these two Solstices? During the summer Solstice the Sun is at its Maximum Elevation, just as important, it's summer. With this function, during the Summer Solstice, most were and still are today at their most productive peaks, from agriculture to recreation. The Winter Solstice brings in the lowest elevation of the Sun and the shortest days, typically the most reflective and philosophical periods of the year where one is surviving off of hard work done from the Summer months with a lust to get there again, and soon.

    Gold, Silver and Iron
    From currency to ceremonies, function to fashion, these three metals represent thousands of years of crucial and viable application. Three metals, used widely throughout history from multiple cultures to work towards and through each Solstice. Mining, tools, jewelry, trade, banking, armor, sacrifice, offerings, commerce and more all to and for the Sun. Applications for a new beginning, peak earnings, massive production, survival, blessings, community building, wealth building and more. These three metals can perhaps be a cornerstone to historical and modern day commerce, religion, resource production and technology.

    Because of these three metals prominent place in today's world and our ancient world, they represent the beauty that surrounds the Solstice today just as they have for thousands of years. Gold, Silver and Iron have been carefully chosen to be transmuted into M-State form for the best resonation with the spiritual symbolism of the Solstice and its energy shaping capacity. As all three metals are very malleable, they suit the ever-changing landscape the Solstice brings from the Birth to the Death of the Sun each year.

    Solstice with Alchemy
    Within the history of Alchemy and those perusing the Philosophers Stone, Astronomy and Astrology have been lynchpins within research and development of these experiments. Following Zodiac charts, seasons, eclipses and solar maps for thousands of years, the single most important data points have been based off of the two Equinoxes and the two Solstices. These four events represent the largest direct effects to Humans way of life on earth with seasonal changes and increased or decreased Sunlight changing how literally everything is completed. With modern-day science and laboratories, not only can we detect and measure magnetic and energy changes here on our planet, we have more answers to how these Cosmic events scientifically change a person or persons mood and ambitions through chemical changes in the body. ZP.tech loves to incorporate all of these elements into our production of M-State metals.

    Solstice from ZP.tech
    With the observable changes that take place during the Solstice, ZP.tech has created a proprietary blend of Gold, Silver and Iron, made by Erik Johnson on the Winter Solstice. With these particular metals in specific proportions made on the Solstice, ZP.tech has captured the essence of the energy changes produced by the Solstice, inspiring new beginnings, a fresh start, increased commitments to goals and an increase in laser like focus on the tasks at hand. With these qualities produced by "Solstice", we know life-changing experiences are ahead with new spiritual enrichments coming from peace of mind, monetary success, mind over matter healing and much more. We are honored to offer you this limited production product only made on the Solstice available until it's gone. This has been the most amazing journey bringing this experience to the surface to be shared with all and we look forward to hearing your Solstice journeys as well. Show less
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