• You Must Hear The Eminem Life Story

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    You Must Hear The Eminem Life Story

    The Eminem Life Story is a story of a hip hop artist that truly came from the bottom. Eminem is a man that didn't give up when most people around him did.

    He truly had a rough rough life. Growing up as a aspiring rap artist with a dead end job, a troubled mother, and a dream of becoming a successful rap artist getting out of this tough life.

    He made a decision at an early age that he wont give up until he makes it to where he is going.

    That is just what he did too. He made it to the other side!!! He wouldn't back down to any obstacle. He knew what he wanted and what he was willing to do.

    The Eminem Life Story Is So Powerful
    Eminem life story is so powerful it inspires us all over the world. A man that grew with a single mother.

    He was constantly on welfare, moving from home to home growing up. Starting a new school 2 or 3 times a year.

    The Eminem Life Story Is Truly Powerful
    Having to meet new people growing up. Losing his friends over and over again. He was bullied a lot in school. Beat up in bathrooms, hallways, on his way home.

    He said most of the time he was just getting beat up for being the knew kid at school. He fell in love with rap as a teenager.

    After dropping out of high school, he started competing in rap battles and making a name for himself. One on one verbal assaults where the goal is to put together the most clever rhymes and insults.

    Eminem felt he finally found something that he is really good at. No matter what you had, he could probably out rhyme you.

    Eminem knew he had something special. People often told him he couldn't make it in hip hop because he was white. He wanted to show them he can and will.

    If you really check out the eminem life story he broke out into the mainstream in 1999 and amazed so many people. Nobody expected him to do what he did. He just kept getting bigger.

    Eminem has a gift to put words together most people do not have. He said he thinks about rhyming words all day, he said he drives himself insane with it.

    He writes down ideas everywhere he goes. He calls it stacking ammo. The lyrics he says are unlike anything in the mainstream.

    He laid out the Eminem life story for the world to see. Him being so real and true is why he is loved so much by the public.

    His father left him when he was 6 yrs old, he never knew him. He is not sure if he wants to meet him, he say's he doesn't think he does.

    Eminem was protested against many times. Saying he is promoting hate music against women and gays to our youth. He felt like he was being singled out. Wondering if it was maybe the color of his skin.

    He felt those words were always thrown around growing up and even before him. He says he has no problem with gay people. You have to see the video above about the eminem life story.

    Eminem almost lost his life overdosing on pills. He collapsed to the floor, he barely made it. He completely change his life for the better.

    The Eminem Life Story Is One That Inspire's
    Eminem's story does inspire me in a big way. I love to see people who absolutely change their life and overcome tough challenges. He said it was very hard to adjust to all the attention he was getting.

    He said when artist say they get used to the attention, they are probably lying. He said no matter what, you have to be taken back to see this many people reciting your stuff.

    Now that he has overcame drugs, he see's it so clear now. He appreciate's all his fans for their support and for being there for him and sticking by him. I really feel he is sincere about it.

    His story will always inspire me. Anybody that has overcame such rough times like this and stayed strong will always inspire me. Make sure you share the Eminem life story.

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