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    Videos I made of poems read by other readers or with text and music.

    NB: After years of sharing clips, I no longer wish to include here poetry segments from documentary or feature length productions. - E, 2012

    Deleted videos: Composed Upon Westminster Bridge by William Wordsworth, I Have had to Learn to Live with my Face by Diane Wakoski
    Tea Poem of Lu Tong
    The Lake Isle of Innisfree by Yeats
    Wild Nights by Emily Dickinson
    Breasts by Gary Snyder
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    My readings of poems I love.
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    Hard-to-locate documentary detailing the major themes and figures of Romanticism, from Byron and Blake to Beethoven and Schumann, from Shelley and Schiller to Delacroix and Keats. This British-French co-production, created in 1982, and hosted by Anthony Andrews from Keats House, Hampstead, is a treasure chest for all lovers of Romanticism.

    This series has been the cornerstone of all my YT channels and I am very happy to share it because most of the footage I acquired I recorded when I was just a teen.

    For many years, the only place to find "The Romantic Spirit" was here on Youtube, on all of my former channels, here at my current one, and at my friend's channel, Byronsfoot. We are both very happy to tell everyone interested in this program that we now can buy it at MediaOutlet.com. Thank you to Pauladale who posted this information on the "Night" episode. Our long wait is over. Vive le Romantisme!

    Just recently discovered, too, another user who has uploaded the first episode of the series. There is a link to their site and Byronsfoot on my homepage if you scroll down: user - trakehnen. Cheers. The Romantic Spirit is spreading! :) - E

    Here is the footage I have always shared, taped in 1989 and converted from VHS:

    Episodes from "The Romantic Spirit" (mostly complete):
    "The Battle of the Stage",
    "The Romantic Journey", and
    "The Golden Age".

    The playlist has been arranged so you can see episodes in order. Not all are in their entirety due to the age of the footage and logistics of video conversion, though most material has been preserved.

    See user BYRONSFOOT for the episodes
    "Night" and
    "The Triumph of Death".

    List of videos that I removed:
    The Romantic Spirit: Italy and Greece - Golden Age (2/6)
    The Romantic Spirit: Keats in Rome - Golden Age (3/6)
    The Romantic Spirit: Orientalism - Golden Age (4/6)
    The Romantic Spirit: Edgar Allan Poe - Romantic Journey (4/4)
    Ruskin on Turner


    Profiles of the Romantic poets Blake, Wordsworth, Coleridge, Keats, Shelley, Byron and Clare from various literary documentaries.

    List of videos that I removed:

    Wordsworth and Nature
    Wordsworth's Sense Sublime
    Wordsworth and Coleridge
    Coleridge's "Dejection: an Ode"
    Coleridge's Ancient Mariner
    Coleridge: Romantic Imagination
    Coleridge: Children of Nature
    Blake's Mind Forg'd Mannacles
    Blake's Songs of Innocence and Experience
    Keats the Selfless Poet
    Byron: Excerpt from "Darkness"
    Lord Byron Abroad
    Shelley, Keats, and "Adonais"
    Shelley, Free Love and Atheism
    John Clare: Lost to Nature, Nature Lost
    Byron and Shelley "Poetise"
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