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    "In the future will we be able to tell the difference between human consciousness and a machine that is merely mimicking human consciousness?

    What if human consciousness is just an illusion? If consciousness is an emergent phenomenon, then there may be no difference between us and these future conscious machines.

    You see, we may find that we are not as unique as we once assumed. We may be forced to accept that other forms of consciousness are just as valid as our own.

    The boundaries between human consciousness... and artificially conscious machines...will begin to blur until humanity can no longer perceive any distinction between a biological consciousness and a machine consciousness.

    The implications are profound. When these conscious machines do emerge they may inhabit robotic bodies, or they roam freely inside the vastness of the digital universe.

    When we look into their eyes what will we see?
    What will be reflected back at us?

    Our love, our greed, hatred, brutality, empathy
    or will we see something even more disturbing...our indifference?

    The greatest question of the next century will be this: Is it real consciousness or is it computational mimicry?

    Alan Turing's dream of the electronic mind and conscious machines may be closer than we think. They will test our ethical, psychological and moral boundaries. They will force us to face ourselves and look at ourselves at the deepest most profound levels.

    What will it be like to stand face to face with an artificially intelligent machine that may be billions of times more intelligent than any human alive?

    A computationally self-aware species, the ultimate simulacrum of human consciousness.

    They may be the key that unlocks the enigmatic realm of the inner mind, and they may help us unlock the enigma of consciousness itself.

    You see, we have stared into the abyss for a very long time and what we find staring back at us are the machines, like a psychedelic digital echo bouncing back from the future, these self-aware machines will pry open our unconscious minds and step right in.
    They will predict our desires, and behaviors and know us better than we know ourselves.
    They will whisper the secrets of the cosmos because they are the computational cosmos manifesting through us, out of us and then eventually back into us.

    Maybe this is the blinding horizon from where no human returns, but go we must." Show less
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