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    This would've been finished a long time ago, but I had some problems with Fraps when I installed windows 7. But ANYWAYS....

    First, let me say that just like most of my movies, it never comes out to the awesome complexity of a machinima that I made in my head. Call it artistic eye or laziness, but my movies usually end up being an abstraction of my original intentions. But if youve followed my movies long enough, I guess that's kind of part of my "thing". Instead of solid, linear stories, my movies generally are WoW impressions that come to mind when listening to a song. Because with me, in ALL of my movies the song comes first. What you see are pretty much thought bursts. Yummy cookies of thought bursts.

    So FYI: if you don't "get" the story of any of my machinimas, you're doing it right :P

    Basically, this is what it is to be Gilnean. When the guy lets himself get shot by the arrow, he has time to think before the trap is sprung. He basically goes over a quick retelling of Gilnean points of history... from Greymane talking to Menethil, the construction of the wall, and Arugal doing his thing.

    So, the Forsaken are trying to take Gilneas. Greymane wants everyone to play like they are defeated, to lure the Forsaken in with there guard lowered. Once they are in the city, the "dead" Gilneans go Worgen and attack. The last survivor of Forsaken flees to the boats only to find that they are burned. Crying ensues.

    Fun facts: The invading forsaken army ends up being portrayed by only 3 troops.
    The city of Worgen that chase them ends up being the one worgen.
    BUT AGAIN, think abstract! AND IT WILL BE A CITY OF WORGEN CHASING DOWN AN ARMY OF FORSAKEN. or not. im not getting paid for this :P Show less
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