• Glasdon UK | Space-Liner™ Orderly Barrows

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    For more information on the Space-Liner™ Orderly Barrows or to buy, please visit:
    Single Space-Liner™ Orderly Barrow
    Double Space-Liner™ Orderly Barrow

    Ideal for use by businesses and small towns to collect litter, the single or double outdoor Space–Liner orderly barrows is available in different colours.

    Ideal for local authorities, these street orderly barrows can be used for litter collection and segregation of waste or for transporting equipment.

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  • Glasdon UK | Litter Bins & Dog Waste Bins | Street Furniture Play all

    Product testing & demonstration videos of our litter bins and dog waste bins.
    View our product range at https://uk.glasdon.com/litter-bins/bypass

    Outdoor Litter Bins / External Litter Bins
    Through product design, manufacturing and development we endeavour to produce a large range of robust, outdoor litter bins that are tough, extremely functional and complementary to any surroundings. We are able to personalise our litter bins by adding your companies logo or image to many of our products. By using high quality materials, Glasdon external litter bins are ideal for managing general street waste to provide litter solutions for a variety of external applications. Clear graphics enable the correct usage within busy areas such as parks, reserves, town centres and leisure sites.
    We also produce a range of children's character novelty bins. Their attractive, fun appearance encourages children to use them within schools, parks and leisure sites.

    Indoor Litter Bins / Internal Litter Bins
    At Glasdon we produce an extensive range of indoor litter bins made from highly durable materials to ensure a functional and long service life. Our collection of contemporary and stylish internal litter bins are ideal for inside modern offices and businesses, complementing the surroundings. We produce a variety of large capacity indoor litter bins, great for schools, busy shopping centres and canteen areas where there is a large volume of people. Bright graphics ensure the correct usage and co–ordinating products enable you to create a waste disposal solution area within industrial areas, kitchens and transport.
    Available as swing top, open top and hooded, we work closely with you to provide the best solutions for litter and waste collection. We also offer a variety of colours and personalisation options by adding your companies logo or message to many of our products.

    Dog Waste Bins / Pet Waste Bins
    To help keep pavements and open park spaces clear of dog fouling, we produce a range of dog waste bins that are extremely strong and durable. Designed to be wall or post–mounted these dog waste disposal bins are for outdoor use such as parks, public areas and leisure sites.
    Our strong, hard–wearing dog poo bins requires minimal maintenance and are ideal for unsupervised areas where there is a high volume of domestic pet waste and risk of vandalism. We produce combined sack dispensers and dog poo bin systems in one unit. This encourages owners to pick up after their dogs in housing estates and recreational areas.
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  • Glasdon UK | Recycling Bins | Indoor & Outdoor Play all

    Product testing & demonstration videos of our indoor & outdoor/street recycling bins, containers, screens and housings.
    View our product range at https://uk.glasdon.com/recycling-bins/bypass

    Indoor Recycling Bins / Indoor Recycling Containers
    Glasdon designs and manufactures a wide range of indoor recycling bins designed specifically for offices, schools, universities and shopping centres. We offer a wide range of capacities, materials and styles to suit the needs of your environment.
    Our low–maintenance and robust internal recycling containers are designed for indoor use, for both recycling and general waste and are used by local authorities, workplaces, supermarkets and schools. Running an organisation is time consuming and hard work, Glasdon indoor recycling bins provide a total recycling solution which allows you to manage recycling waste more effectively.

    Outdoor Recycling Bins / Outdoor Recycling Containers
    Glasdon produce an extensive range of outdoor recycling bins of the highest quality, in both traditional and contemporary designs. All our external recycling containers are designed to be hard–wearing and long–lasting. These cost–effective recycling solutions are ideal for on street locations, schools, shopping centres and leisure environments.
    We can provide you with recycling solutions to meet your own individual requirements. From small capacity recycling bins for offices, to substantial large capacity recycling stations for parks.

    Outdoor Bin Screens / Outdoor Bin Housings
    These wheelie bin housings / screen systems are designed for both on–street locations and outdoor recycling centre usage within workplaces, schools,restaurants and bring sites. Glasdon robust, wheelie bin screen systems are ideal for hiding unsightly large capacity outdoor wheelie bins, creating a clear, attractive recycling station, ideal for supermarkets and bring sites.
    We also produce a wide range of high capacity recycling outdoor bin housings that securely contain a wheeled bin in a tidy manner. Suitable for residential blocks, workplaces, universities and supermarkets, these recycling housing containers reduce foul smells coming from the bins and keep insects and rodents out.
    Our outdoor screen systems and recycling bin housing can be personalised with your own image or logo to suit the needs of your environment.

    Recycling Stations / Recycling Stands
    Our recycling stations are designed to make recycling easy in all indoor and outdoor environments. All trio and duo recycling station units are clearly labelled to ensure of the correct waste disposal within the correct recycling container. All our stickers are compliant with WRAP (Waste and Resources Action Programme) to gurantee they will be compliant with the most current recycling initiatives.
    Ideal for workplaces, factory's, schools and hospitals, Glasdon recycling stations are available in 2 stream or 3 stream formations. This allows you to collect dry mixed recycling, liquids and general waste separately so they are easy to empty and replace.
    We also supply a Recycling Stand, complete with signage for two or three internal recycling bins. Bolt down fixing options ensure the bins are not moved from their nominated areas.
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  • Glasdon UK | Grit Bins & Salt Spreaders Play all

    Product testing & demonstration videos of our winter safety equipment products.
    View our product range at https://uk.glasdon.com/winter-safety-equipment/bypass

    At Glasdon we supply a comprehensive range of winter safety products from snow shovels to towable broadcast and drop spread gritters to help you to keep your site ice and snow free.
    With over 50 year's experience in the supply of winter safety products, you can be assured that you are buying from a market leader.

    Snow Shovels / Snow Scoops
    Our range of lightweight and easy to use Snow Shovels and Snow Scoops include push along scoops, extendable shovels and fork lift truck snow plough versions. Our heavy duty Snow Shovels and Snow Scoops make clearing snow easy. The durable material of all Glasdon Snow Shovels and Scoops means they can be used in even the harshest winter weather.
    Glasdon Snow Shovels and Scoops have a long life span and can also be used for general purpose alongside our full range of Grit Salt Bins. We also supply Icemelt™ which can be used with our snow shovels as an alternative to traditional grit rock salt. Glasdon Snow Shovels and Scoops are ideal for both large and small areas such as private roads, schools, hospitals, pavements, entrance areas, car parks and footpaths.

    Gritters - Manual Grit Salt Spreaders and Towable Gritters
    Our range of Walk-Behind Broadcast & Drop Manual Grit Rock Salt Spreaders and Gritters are ideal for use by Local Authorities to grit city / town centres, Hospitals, small to medium size industrial sites and schools for gritting entrance halls, pavements, footpaths and car parks.
    The heavy duty, durable towable gritters and grit salt spreaders have been designed and tested to withstand adverse weather conditions. We also offer a full range of lightweight snow shovels, grit salt bins and also supply Icemelt™ as an alternative to traditional grit rock salt.

    Grit Bins / Grit Salt Bins
    Our range of tough Grit Salt Bins are ideal for Local Authorities, Hospitals, Retail Parks and Schools. Our heavy duty, durable plastic grit bins have been designed and tested to withstand adverse weather conditions and are vandal resistant. Glasdon Salt Bins come in a variety of styles and sizes and are ideal for locating at entrance areas, on public footpaths, roads and car parks - anywhere grit salt is required to be stored for ease of access and spreading.
    Our grit containers can also be used for general storage purposes for things such as sand, tools, fertiliser and site equipment. You can also personalise your bin to include your organisations name, logo or message. We also offer a full range of lightweight Snow Shovels which are ideal for use with any one of our grit salt bins and supply Icemelt™ as an alternative to traditional grit rock salt.

    Glasdon Icemelt has a unique ice penetrating formula, which works faster, spreads further and is more effective than traditional grit rock salt. Our solution to keeping surfaces safe in wintry conditions is ideal for car parks, entrance ways and other pedestrianised areas.
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  • Glasdon UK | Bollards, Road Sign Lighting & Highways Safety Play all

    Product testing & demonstration videos of our bollards, marker posts, chevron board systems and highway lighting solutions.
    View our product range at https://uk.glasdon.com/road-safety-street-lighting/bypass

    Here at Glasdon, we have over 50 years' experience in the design and manufacture of products to aid the safety on our roads.

    We supply a range of tough Durapol™ rigid bollards ideal for access control and acting as a deterrent against people parking on grass verges and weak points on bridge structures. Our self-righting / rebound bollards are ideal for use in conjunction with many traffic calming schemes on urban roads such as speed humps, speed tables and traffic islands. Their main purpose is to identify hazards within the road that help slow down traffic and improve traffic flow.

    We pride ourselves on passive safety and our range of verge / hazard markers pass the European Standard BS EN 12767 passively safe required performance. Their main purpose is to delineate and alert drivers of hazards on fast pace rural roads such as twists and bends.

    Our unique Chevroflex Chevron System creates a high visibility surround system, ideal for oncoming roundabouts and rural roads with numerous unclear hazards. This bespoke socket system design means each chevron is placed at exactly the correct height the meet the TSRGD standard.

    We are continuously focusing on improving our street lighting products such as light box installations and highway sign down lighters to the most energy efficient they can be.
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  • Glasdon UK | Seating | Street Furniture Play all

    Product testing videos of our seats and benches.
    View our product range at https://uk.glasdon.com/seating/bypass

    Seats and Benches
    Glasdon offer a range of traditional and contemporary seating for public spaces. These seats and benches are low-maintenance, weather and vandal resistant making them suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. They are the ideal seating solution for parks, schools and workplaces, shopping centres, and town and city centres.
    We also offer a range of memorial benches, where an engraved plaque is added to the backrest with a dedication to an individual or event - text which can be personalised to your specification. Our commemorative seating is often placed in community gardens, cemeteries, public parks, promenades / sea fronts and churches.
    Glasdon have also designed a range of children's seating. Traditional styled benches and picnic tables are available in reduced size and colour varieties, while we also produce novelty seating products for children which encourages tactile play. Our seats and benches for children are ideal for primary schools, nurseries, indoor play centres and play areas in parks and outside pubs / restaurants.
    Our seats and benches are available in different materials, from plastics, recycled material, steel and FSC® hardwood. Offering a number of colour options, from light and dark wood, metallics and bright coloured coating.
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  • Glasdon UK | Street Cleaning & Orderly Barrows

    Street cleaning and orderly barrows, view our product range here:

    The Glasdon range of litter collection tools and cleaning equipment are ideal for maintaining and streets, facilities and premises. Collect, segregate and transport waste quickly and efficiently with multi-purpose street cleaning barrows.

    Large handles and wheels make our street orderly barrows easy to use and manoeuvre when transporting equipment and collecting waste. The front bumpers contain moulded in storage systems to safely hold street cleaning equipment, providing increased ease for the user. Our litter picking tools are ideal for use in conjunction with your chosen street cleaning barrow.

    Strong sack retention systems allow for quick removal of waste which is ideal for Local Authorities managing busy town centres or retail parks. Choose between single stream or dual stream barrows to best accommodate your needs.

    Available in a variety of colours, Glasdon street cleaning barrows can also be personalised with your company branding or logo. Enhance your chosen street litter collection trolley with a parking brake unit and a sack hook for extra ease when emptying and handling.
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  • Glasdon UK | Poster Display Signs & Storage Units | Retail Products Play all

    Product testing & demonstration videos of our retail storage unit and poster display signs.
    View our product range at https://uk.glasdon.com/retail-storage-units/bypass

    Here at Glasdon, we produce a range of products for retail and leisure environments such as forecourts, shopping centres and supermarkets.

    Our large floor standing pavement display sign has a slimline design, allowing it to be easily manoeuvred, so retailers can display their advertisements in ideal positions for passers–by.
    Our wall–mounted version offers maximum security and outstanding visual impact, ideal for cinemas, schools and anywhere where information is needed.

    Suitable for forecourt petrol stations and supermarkets, we produce a large lockable storage and display unit ideal for stocking wood, coal, lighter fluid, de–icer and car oils. The tough materials are extremely low–maintenance with a long service life.
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  • Glasdon UK | Buildings, Steel Housings & GRP Kiosks Play all

    Construction, walkthrough and delivery videos of our GRP/Steel Modular Buildings & Industrial Housings.
    View our product range at https://uk.glasdon.com/buildings-housings/bypass

    GRP Modular Buildings / Steel Buildings
    Here at Glasdon, we produce a range of GRP modular and portable building systems that combine exceptional insulation with versatility and durable design. Our glass reinforced polyester (GRP) modular buildings provide low maintenance and cost-effective accommodation, delivering a focal point for a large range of applications such as Gatehouses, Security Control Centres, Car Park Kiosks, Vehicle Check-in Kiosks, Information Points, Toll Booths and Sentry Posts.
    Our portable building systems combine hard wearing plastic-coated steel and aluminium framing with traditional and contemporary looking styles delivering a focal point for a large range of applications including Security Buildings, Factory Offices, Toll Booths, Passport Control Offices and Ticket Sales Kiosks. With an extensive choice of colours, panel options and interior fittings available, we will work closely with you to ensure your modular building meets your exact requirements. Our LABC registration on certain modular building ranges means that you can save time and money on any UK project that requires Building Regulation Approval.

    GRP / Steel Housings
    Glasdon produce a range of cost-effective, reliable, GRP (glass reinforced polyester) and plastic coated steel housings, which allow for variation and relocation if needed. Tough and durable, our GRP and Steel Outdoor Housings have superior insulation levels and the flexibility to meet your specific requirements. Ideal for generator enclosures, electricity substations, mobile and broadband networks and power supply rooms.
    Glasdons thick panelled construction and aluminium framing provide long term housing solutions for onsite or road side monitoring, valve and transformer observation and switchgear enclosures. We provide you with many years of service without the need for costly maintenance.

    Equipment Cabinets
    These steel cabinet enclosures offer a long term solution to house and protect instrumentation and electrical equipment, frequently supplied to The Utilities, Local Authorities, Construction and Rail sectors. Our thick, double-skinned insulated constructions have become a popular choice for metering and electrical panels, where minimal temperature variation and low condensation levels are vital for sensitive equipment to operate successfully. The economy single-skinned cabinets are suitable for where temperature is unimportant such as CCTV systems and roadside emergency equipment.
    These robust equipment cabinets require minimal maintenance as their steel finish prevents corrosion to retain their appearance over many years, offering optimum performance in extreme weather conditions.
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  • Glasdon UK | Lifebuoy & Lifebuoy Housing | Marine Safety Equipment Play all

    Product testing & demonstration videos of our marine / water safety products.
    View our product range at https://uk.glasdon.com/water-safety-equipment/bypass

    Marine / Water Safety Products - Lifebuoys and Lifebuoy Housings
    Glasdon supply a comprehensive range of water rescue products including lifebuoys, throwing buoys and lifebuoy housings.
    Designed by our in-house team of designs, they have been styled to enhance any waterside or marina environment from lakes and river fronts to seafronts.
    With over 50 year's experience in the supply of Water Safety product's, you can be assured that you are buying from a market leader.
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  • Glasdon UK | Shelters & Cycle Parking Play all

    Wind tunnel testing, product testing & installation videos of our shelters and cycle / bike parking products.
    View our product range at https://uk.glasdon.com/shelters/bypass

    Glasdon offer a variety of shelters including smoking shelters, waiting shelters and bike storage shelters.

    Glasdon smoking shelters and wall or post mounted smokers canopies are designed to protect smokers from weather. Combined with a cigarette bin, signage and perch seating a designated outdoor smoking area is created. All our smoking shelters meet legal requirements. These are ideal for outside office buildings, retail parks, industrial estates, business parks and other workplaces.
    Our waiting shelters are ideal for use at bus stops or on railway platforms and can be offered with a notice board to display bus or train timetables. These waiting shelters are also popular for schools to create weather proof parent waiting areas, or to be used as outdoor break areas in school playgrounds for students to eat their lunch.
    Multi-purpose shelters can be used to protect pay and display machines, cash machines and vending machines from weather damage in public and private car parks, outside shops, retail parks, supermarkets, colleges and univerisity campuses. They could also be used as mobile phone points or outdoor weather proof rest areas on industrial sites, outisde factories or workplaces.

    Cycle / Bike Parking
    Glasdon offer a wide range of cycle parking. Bike shelters are ideal for outside offices, schools and colleges as they fit neatly on carparks and beside buildings, and can accommodate bicycles, mopeds and motorbikes. A choice of cycle rings, Sheffield hoops and toast rack styled bars for locking either the bike tyre or whole bike frame to the rack. These bike racks are available with our cycle shelters or can be provided individually. Our bike racks, bike stands, and cycle posts are ideal for town and city centres or outside shops to not restrict pedestrian traffic flow. For maximum security, our cycle lockers are an ideal option as they protect the bike from vandalism, theft and weather, while the cycle lockers themselves are fire and tamper resistant. These are ideal for sites such as bus and train stations, city centre accomodation and large workplaces.

    All Glasdon shelters and canopies are robust, vandal and weather resitant and offer long service life. For excusive special offers, new products releases and Glasdon news and advice, sign up to recieve our e-newsletter here.
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