• 20 Years Of Sustainable Impact

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    GVI started in 1998 when one man didn’t like that a development project he worked on wouldn’t make a lasting difference.

    And then...

    20 years later, over:
    35,000 participants,
    200 National Scholars,
    600 community partnerships,
    300,000 community members,
    Hundreds of staff.
    With 5 new locations,
    20 years of sustainable impact later.

    GVI started as one single story,
    And then became thousands.
    Stories of success,
    Of perseverance,
    Of growth,
    Stories of impact.

    Stories come from somewhere,
    And then they go somewhere.
    People make a decision,
    And then they change their lives.

    GVI has been the ‘and then’ moment for 20 Years, for so many people.
    We’ve been the somewhere, the something that gave endless possibilities to go somewhere, to do something.

    Ordinary people with extraordinary stories.

    They started somewhere.
    They did something.
    They made a decision.

    And then they made a difference.
    And then they grew themselves.
    And then they achieved the impossible.

    And then they changed the world.

    GVI is 20-years-old now.
    And then…?
    What will happen next? Show less
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  • Volunteering in Thailand Play all

    Volunteer with GVI in Thailand and discover a land surrounded by stunning golden beaches, intricate temples and a rich culture. Although Thailand has a thriving tourism industry, there are pockets of poorer communities who live below the poverty line and are lacking basic amenities. Thailand is also home to a variety of fauna and flora that are both unique, diverse and in some cases endangered.

    Find out more: www.gvi.co.uk/volunteer-in-thailand
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  • Volunteering in Costa Rica Play all

    Volunteering in Costa Rica with GVI affords you the opportunity to experience the “pura vida” lifestyle the country is famed for while simultaneously giving back to a still developing country. Although Costa Rica is the longest-standing democracy in Central America, the majority of the population is still living in very basic conditions, especially further inland.

    Find out more: www.gvi.co.uk/volunteer-in-costa-rica
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  • Volunteering in South Africa, Limpopo Play all

    Travel to a private Big Five game reserve in South Africa and volunteer alongside an international team assisting in vital conservation work. Learn to track animals through the bushveld, study their behaviour and get acquainted with charismatic game species such as lion, leopard, elephant and rhino.

    Find out more: www.gvi.co.uk/volunteer-in-south-africa
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  • Volunteering in Seychelles Play all

    Volunteer in the Seychelles with GVI and discover a country famed for its endemic flora and fauna, unspoiled beaches and beautiful coral reefs!
    With 14 Marine Protected Areas, spanning over 30% of the island’s land mass, you can help play a critical role in preserving these areas and protecting the country’s unique biodiversity.

    Find out more: www.gvi.co.uk/volunteer-in-seychelles
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  • Volunteering in Mexico Play all

    Volunteer in Mexico with GVI and give back to the under-developed communities and endemic local wildlife, while exploring the only country in the world whose cuisine has been given UNESCO World Heritage status!

    Find out more: www.gvi.co.uk/volunteer-in-mexico
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  • Volunteering in India Play all

    Volunteering in India with GVI will open your eyes to a rapidly developing country, filled with a rich culture, traditions and beautiful landscapes. However, there are major community development issues and a huge gap between the rich and poor. It is estimated that 35% of India’s population are living below the poverty line and 61% of children have disease causing germs on their hands due to a lack of proper hygiene practices.

    Find out more: www.gvi.co.uk/volunteer-in-india
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