• YOHIOloid 「粘着系男子の15年ネチネチ」

    993 views 1 year ago

    UST: Soro and Panda
    Singer: YOHIOloid
    Original singer: VY2 - sm14989713
    Music Artist: Manbou
    Software: Vocaloid 3
    Pictures used: Pixiv Id 1419071 and Yohio's one is by Sartika Nurhasanah

    I'M REALLY SORRY, ITS BEEN LIKE 9 MONTHS SINCE I LAST UPLOADED SOMETHING VOCALOID RELATED ;-; I hope you may forgive me, you know me loves u! ~

    So... guess who got Yohio and Zola guuuuuuuuuys ~

    YES, DATS RIGHT, ME hahaha, this is my first time using bby Yohio so please don't be rude with me ;-; it's been a lot of time since I got a new vocaloid -in this case, four new guys- and I want to blame all my dolls. Yup, is their fault... DAMN EXPENSIVE HOBBIES! I can't handle everything ;A; and there is also my video games addiction, mygosh please kill meh -le cries-

    Oh and please, forgive me also for the awful mixing, right now I have serious issues with my Fl Studio and I needed to use my Macbook's GarageBand to mix, so that's why ;3;

    Anyways, it's a pleasure to be back (」・ω・)」I missed you a lot! Show less
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      Hope you like it
      I don't own anything! I just made the editing


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      Vsqx: Planty-P
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      Software: Vocaloid3

      Edit: OMG so many views! you guys are awesome, even this is one of my worst works ever uwú should I remake it? o_ó
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      VSQx: Kanon746
      Vocals: VY2
      Original Vocals: Yousei Teikoku
      Album: Mirai Nikki OP Single
      Drawing: Me

      So *-* I'll be working on the second opening, i love mirai nikki so much and ...
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