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  • Welcome to my YouTube channel

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    This is the channel of fashion & celebrity photographer but most of all photography instructor Frank Doorhof.

    Here we will share all kinds of videos about photography, tips and tricks, Photoshop, behind the scenes videos and off course our webpodcasts: " the DOORhof is always open" and soon "Quite Frankly: The Frank Doorhof Photography Tips."

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  • Quite Frankly videowebpodcast Play all

    Our videowebpodcast with photography tips ranging from Photoshop, Lightroom, plugins, street, travel, model photography to business etc.

    If you want to have a more in depth view on lighting, Photoshop/Lightroom etc. make sure to check out our instructional videos via http://www.frankdoorhof.com/site/shop-videos-etc/direct-v...
    • Sony A7RII video review : QF51 - Duration: 20 minutes.

      • 2 weeks ago
      In this episode of Quite Frankly a video review of the Sony A7RII, including some tips on street and travel photography...

      Is this the best camera in the world..... let's see.
    • Tips for the X-rite Colorchecker passport and if it goes wrong QF : Ep50 - Duration: 8 minutes, 52 seconds.

      • 1 month ago
      In this episode of Quite frankly tips on using the X-rite Colorchecker passport from Lightroom, but also what to do if something goes wrong.

      This is Episode 50 of Quite frankly
    • QF EP 48 Sound and Rode 4K (new upload) - Duration: 7 minutes, 50 seconds.

      • 1 month ago
      Sound is one of the most important things in video and screen captures. So in episode 48 of "quite frankly" a few tips on how we do it and a comparison between the build in microphone of the MacBoo...
    • Monitors, calibration and more - Duration: 12 minutes.

      • 2 months ago
      in this episode information about buying a suitable monitor for your photography/video editing but most of all… what do you do with it when you have it.
      Frank shares many tips on calibration and ex...
    • Review Sony E mount 24-240 review 4K QF Ep47 - Duration: 10 minutes.

      • 4 months ago
      Review of the Sony 24-240 E mount lens.

      In this episode of Quite Frankly we look at the Sony 24-240 lens, in this review not only information about the lens but also some tips for your travel and ...
    • Tip: Freeze warp in the Liquify tool QF EP 46 - Duration: 2 minutes, 38 seconds.

      • 4 months ago
      In this episode of Quite Frankly a tip that will save you a lot of time when working with the Liquify tool.
    • TIP : Password protected folders for free in MacOS - Duration: 3 minutes, 1 second.

      • 5 months ago
      In this episode of Quite Frankly a really handy MaxOS tip on how to password protect your folders for free under MacOS
    • QF Ep44 Duplicating layers among documents - Duration: 98 seconds.

      • 5 months ago
      TIP : Duplicating layers among documents in Photoshop made easy.

      In this episode a tip to very quickly copy layers from one document to another in Photoshop
    • TIP : Sweeping panorama functions QF EP 43 - Duration: 113 seconds.

      • 6 months ago
      In this episode of Quite Frankly a tip on a function that a lot of people don't use because they think it will not give them great results.... the sweeping panoramic mode.

      Quite Frankly EP 43
    • QF EP 42 Capture One - Duration: 11 minutes.

      • 7 months ago
      Why I use Capture One.
      A quick overview of all the key features that make me use Capture One as one my main RAW convertors and main tethering solution.

      Also interested in Capture One?
      Download the...
    • Tripod advise : Quite Frankly Ep 41 - Duration: 3 minutes, 17 seconds.

      • 7 months ago
      In this episode some advise about buying a tripod.

      Quite Frankly Ep 41
    • QF EP 40 Portrait retouch in 3 steps step 3 - Duration: 3 minutes, 39 seconds.

      • 8 months ago
      In this final part of the portrait retouch, tips to make the image pop (eyes, lips and hair) but also on how to retouch teeth color.
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  • The DOORhof is always open Play all

    videowebpodcast about photography with interviews, news, instructional parts and way more
    • The DOORhof is always open EP 16 - Duration: 13 minutes.

      • 1 year ago
      In this episode an interview with Rod Clark from Formatt-Hitech.
    • The DOORhof is always open EP14 - Duration: 18 minutes.

      • 1 year ago
      In this episode an interview with Aaron Blaise.
    • The Doorhof is always open EP13 - Duration: 27 minutes.

      • 1 year ago
      In this episode an interview with Bert Monroy
    • The DOORhof is always open Ep 12 - Duration: 30 minutes.

      • 1 year ago
      In Episode 12 of "The DOORhof is always open" interviews with Tamara Lackey and Shelley Giard
    • The DOORhof is always open EP11 - Duration: 1 hour.

      • 2 years ago
      The DOORhof is always open Episode 11
      With :
      Joe McNally, David Ziser, Erik Valind, Joe Glyda, Jack Reznicki and more.....
    • The DOORhof is always open Ep10 - Duration: 52 minutes.

      • 2 years ago
      This time with interviews with John Denton and Adam Duckworth, but also with a long BTS video shot during a photoshop for Whair hairdressers including some tips and tricks and much more.
    • DOORhof is always open EP9 - Duration: 1 hour, 5 minutes.

      • 2 years ago
      In this episodes interviews with :
      Drew Gardner, Alastair Jolly, Maisy James, Larry Becker, Steve Howdle, James Schmelzer, Rick Sammon and much more......
    • The DOORhof is always open Ep8 - Duration: 1 hour, 15 minutes.

      • 2 years ago
      The 8th episode of "The DOORhof is always open"
      This time with a lot of different topics and videos including interviews with Corey Barker and Mahmoud. But also information on the FujiFilm X-E1, So...
    • The DOORhof is always open episode 7 Dubai GPP - Duration: 1 hour, 14 minutes.

      • 2 years ago
      Episode 7 of "The DOORhof is always open" Dubai GPP.
      With several interviews and BTS videos.
    • The DOORhof is always open ep6 - Duration: 50 minutes.

      • 2 years ago
      In this episode a lot of information about light meters, colorcheckers, retouching etc. with interviews with the guys from the MAC group and Glyn Dewis. Also an Elinchrom tip with the square reflec...
    • The DOORhof is always open ep5 - Duration: 40 minutes.

      • 2 years ago
      This time in "The DOORhof is always open" a topic that is very "underestimated" by a lot of photographers.... styling.
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  • Photoshop Play all

    Photoshop tips and tricks, see the workflow of Frank Doorhof, short tutorials about software
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  • Behind the scenes Play all

    Here you find BTS videos shot during events and photoshoots.
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  • Behind the workshops Play all

    If you want to know what it like to participate in a workshop of Frank Doorhof
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  • Music video's & slide shows Play all

    Frank shot a few music clips with DSLR
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  • Events Play all

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  • Linked videos Play all

    Videos linked from other locations, like webinars, seminars etcetera
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  • Instruction Play all

    Here you can learn a lot about gear, lighting techniques, metering, manipulating light, working with models, and much much more
    Do remember that these are free videos, if you want to go more in depth (and I really mean MUCH more in-depth) make sure to check out our instructional videos on : http://www.frankdoorhof.com/site/shop-videos-etc/direct-v...
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