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    "God Bless America" by: "Fable The Poet"
    Ft. Nicholas Baxter, Keith Kelsey, and Collin Pompey
    Produced by: dreSkeezus
    Recorded at The Beamship by: Collin Pompey
    Mixed and Mastered by: Crossworm

    Video Credits:
    Director - Jason Edgecomb
    Producer - Micah Butler
    Editor - Allison Blair
    Cinematographer - Anthony Ruetz
    Assistant Director - Joshua Skinner


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    God bless America,
    the only country that takes up
    a mere 5% of the world’s population.
    unfortunately, also takes in 50% of the world’s pharmaceuticals,
    and 80% of the world’s prescription narcotics.

    over the course of history trying to coin the phrase,
    "We have turned the corner in the fight on drugs."

    Because we policed the urban areas,
    until the prison turned industry?
    While subliminally blinding us
    to the fact that the real drugs
    aren't being peddled from dark skin, or long rap sheets.

    But from white coats, with script books.

    Reading scripts slipped in from drug representatives,
    reppin' drugs newer to the scene
    than many strains police have ever seen.

    Yet - don't you D.A.R.E.
    Get caught with bud, bro.

    With a quarter of some green, dank, purp,
    loud, stank, chron, work.
    Because depending on the criminalized city you reside in,
    you might end up in jail.

    Kind of funny how a substance
    legal in many areas of the world,
    is a crime in "The Land of the Free,”

    when an Adderall can be prescribed to a 9-year-old
    who cries and is told "sit still!"
    Because the parents
    measure their patience by the milligram,
    and that is A-OK?

    Unless you have it and don’t have a script.
    Then, it's a felony.

    What script do you really need?
    The one written,
    or the one typed?

    Or the one that might sound,
    and be read a little like an actual script.

    "Do you have Restless Leg Syndrome?

    You might if you are suffering from:
    boredom, sore muscles, tired feet,
    breathing oxygen, not wanting to breathe oxygen,
    craving walks,
    But not having the energy to go on the walk
    you so badly crave
    and could actually proceed to go on
    if you would just get your lazy ass up, and go!”

    "Do you have Bipolar Disorder?
    You may if:
    you want to smile more, you catch yourself frowning,
    sometimes you are happy and others...sad.
    If you breathe oxygen,
    if you are human.”

    If you are human,
    you know the power of the dollar.
    And that green can even make HIV vanish
    like Magic
    hard on men glued to commercials perfected by marketing geniuses.
    Making them want stiffer, longer, harder -

    As they weigh out the pros and cons of side effects
    they would never face
    until they're sucked into a commercial that made it
    so easy to relate to.

    "But He... She... Looks so happy now!"

    If you made 2 billion dollars a year...
    You would have the ability to employ the best in the business
    at pulling eyes, ears, and dollars out of wallets
    even faster than Uncle Sam.
    Because guess what?

    They own him too!

    Side effects you may suffer from:
    bloody stools, hives, cancer, Lymphoma,
    cold sores,
    from or not from the person you felt you needed to make your life
    ‘harder for.’

    We are now so busy craving an easy fix,
    tearing apart our well-oiled machines
    for after-market upgrades,
    that we are forgetting how much damage we are doing to ourselves.

    Taking Alzheimer's medications with side effects of memory loss,
    And anti-depressants that may spark suicidal intentions.

    We now live in a world that has become comfortable
    with a mindset of,
    "I can pay to fix what's wrong with me."

    besides being content
    not taking the time to better yourself in a healthier way,
    I would like to ask:
    “What's wrong with you?”

    If the answer is:
    You don't know and you just want to seem as perfect
    as the people in the ads you look up to,

    Well maybe the things you should be adding up
    are facts.

    It hasn't always been like this.
    It should have never gotten like this.

    But where else can you get rich off of exploiting emotions,
    and weak minds all held up by a crutch of convenience.

    Only here!
    So, God bless America.
    But someone please help us...

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