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  • Norway 200 Years! - (Danish Language Explained)

    332,023 views 2 years ago
    Parody of how Norway became independent from Denmark - and how the Danish language came to be. Why did Norway make it's own constitution in 1814? This video gives you a creative and funny, yet wildly inaccurate, history lesson.

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    ▶ Explanation: Norwegian and Danish are very similar languages, and even if most Danes and Norwegians understand each other, there are some subtle differences that can cause misunderstanding. e.g. The Danish sentence "May I" becomes "Have to" in Norwegian. Also, Denmark have their own number system between 50 and 90, which is not easy for foreigners to understand. This have caused lot's of lighthearted jokes between the Scandinavians.

    ▶ History: 2014 marks the 200 year anniversary of the constitutional convention which declared Norway independent: At the very start of 1814, Norway was still part of the absolute monarchy Denmark-Norway, and had been under Danish control for more than 400 years. The first major event during 1814 was the Kiel treaty (January 14th) which came into being during peace negotiations following the Napoleonic wars and Bonaparte’s defeat in 1813. Denmark-Norway was an ally of France, and thus on the losing side. As punishment, Denmark had to surrender Norway to Sweden. However, a majority of Norwegians wanted national independence and their own constitution. On hearing news of the treaty, which became known through proclamation at the end of January, and published in Norwegian newspapers soon after, Norwegians were in disarray, and many called for arms, having beaten the Swedes only five years prior, in the 1809 campaign. This triggered a short war with Sweden. However, Sweden's financial advantage proved too much to overcome. Nevertheless, when cease-fire talks began, Bernadotte made an important concession—he accepted the newly adopted Norwegian constitution, thus giving up any claim that Norway was to be treated as merely a Swedish province. In accordance with the Convention of Moss, Norway agreed to enter a personal union with Sweden. But the constitution was embraced as a national symbol of freedom. The Swedish king was denied the right of veto over Norwegian affairs, and never got the authority he wanted. Although nationalist aspirations were not to be fully realized until the events of 1905 - 1814 was the turning point that would lead to a fully independent Norway.

    More info:

    (And in reality, Norwegians actually spoke closer to Danish during this time period.)

    Director, writer and editor: Eskild Fors
    Cinematography: Anders Øvergaard
    Dane: Sebastian Legaard
    Norwegian: Joakim Hansen
    Presenter: Eskild Fors
    Music: Edvard Grieg

    Stikkord: Grunnlovsjubileet 200 år, Norge 2014, 1814, Norge, Nordmenn, Danmark, Dansk, språk, humor, sketsj, ut i vår hage, nrk, komedie, parodi.

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