• Feb 21 2017 DOE SSFL DEIS Meeting

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    This video is part of the EnviroReporter.com Brandeis-Bardin Toxic Denial exposé (http://www.enviroreporter.c......) and full 13-year investigation (http://www.enviroreporter.c......).

    Videotaped here are members of the public in Van Nuys, California, who, for the most part, are demanding that the Department of Energy stick to its 2010 agreement with the State of California to clean up the Santa Susana Field Laboratory to background levels of radiation and chemicals.


    Grace Bumstead 0:04 - 1:11
    "I had cancer. I want to help our city get all the love it needs by getting rid of all the chemicals and mutual waste because we don’t want to have to do this again. I don’t want to live close to chemicals in the mountain. I want to be as safe as anyone that is safe. I want to help other people to be safe. I don’t want to get cancer again because cancer was a very scary thing when I was in the hospital. I had to get GI tubes and pokes like ten times or more than that. And it wasn’t very fun and you don’t want cancer either so we want to get all the love back again. Please clean up the chemicals in the mountain."

    Devyn Gortner (Teens Against Toxins) 1:16 - 4:13

    Kristin Story 4:14 - 7:32

    Dr. Robert Dodge (Physicians for Social Responsibility - Los Angeles) 7:42 - 10:54

    Elaina Semper 10:55 - 12:17

    Mark Dow 12:23 - 15:39
    West Hills, San Fernando Valley resident since 1996, 2 kids. Lives mile from SSFL over the hill.

    “My daughter was diagnosed, recently, with leukemia, a rare form called APL, which the doctors said it was directly related to an environmental issue. They didn’t say what issue but they said it was an environmental issue. She was treated at Children’s Hospital the last eight months. Our neighborhood has also had other cancers. We’ve had two children with brain cancer. We’ve had an adult die from brain cancer. We’ve also had two other cancers within our block. So when people say there is no direct correlation [turning to Abe Weitzman], I have to object with the doctor on APL. It is related to the environment from what our doctors told us. So I’ve been coming to these [meetings] since probably early 2000’s. Never thought that my daughter or son would be affected [lower lip begins quivering] and I’m troubled that it’s taken this long to get to where we’re at. [Turning around looking at crowd] I’m considering all the involvement of all these people working very very hard to try to get you guys to wake up. It is just appalling to watch my daughter go through what she went through in the hospital. It was gut wrenching, cried every day. You guys got to get your act together. You’re operating like a typical bureaucratic government and I don’t sense the urgency. We were there when the fires burned [2005] at that site and I could see the ashes coming into my yard and they looked extremely strange. They weren’t typical ashes and you could see it was muddy, gluey, particles coming into our neighborhood and it was appalling. And so I’m with the people who are probably a lot more knowledgeable than I am on it that it needs to be cleaned up. And my daughter’s on that map that Melissa [Bumstead] presented earlier. I think that it’s grossly, a gross understatement of the number of children that have been affected. And I’m appalled that there’s never been a study, a cancer study of children in the neighborhood. I’ve seen the adult ones but adults can handle that [contamination] better than children or pregnant women and my wife was pregnant during that time. So do your job. Thank you." Show less
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