• About Energy Muse with Co-founders Heather Askinosie + Timmi Jandro

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    Meet Energy Muse co-founders, Heather Askinosie + Timmi Jandro as they share a little about themselves, their favorite crystals and how Energy Muse came to be. For more information, visit: https://www.energymuse.com/...

    The crystals at Energy Muse are a bit different because we really believe that how you cleanse a crystal and how the end consumer gets it changes the game. They go into a major process of being saged with Frankincense and Copal. Then it goes into a 48-hour process of mantras, sound, and color. So, once somebody gets the crystal from Energy Muse, they can rest assured that it’s been cleansed and purified. All they need to do is give it a job.

    Our mission is to continue to educate people on the healing properties of gemstones and to teach them that you can wear crystals and have them in your home, your office, the car, your alter. Place them all over your environment and the energy of the crystals is going to permeate into your life and you’re going to feel a difference.

    This is an experience you can have. This is a journey that you’ll go on and it’s going to be different than ours. But here’s the groundwork. Here’s the recipe. Here’s something that you can do in 11 minutes or less. And at the end of the day, if you don’t have 11 minutes to commit to yourself, how are you going to commit to anybody else?

    We took the success of the results of doing this for 17 years and helping people from all over the world and put it into a book of what worked.

    So we’re here to give crystal prescriptions to people who need help. We’re here to give them a tool to help them in their lives and move forward on their journey. We took 25 years and put it into relatable stories, like how to boost fertility or get relief from financial debt. These are the things that we lived through and had to figure out. These are the formulas and rituals that we came up with that work.

    I designed a necklace called Prosperity, which incorporated crystals with Feng Shui. I gave it to 10 people, including Timmi, and I asked everyone to be my experimental guinea pig. I asked them to come back and tell me, “Hey, did this think work?” And Timmi was one of them and it kind of snowballed into this whole accidental business. All 10 people came back and said there’s something to this.

    At the time, I was doing Feng Shui on homes for celebrities and high profile people and our business happened to get really lucky because some of the clients started wearing the jewelry and literally, our business happened overnight in the trunks of our cars.

    We were like energy dealers that got invited to the top Hollywood parties and people saying, “Hey, bring those crystals. Man, like can I have those? I need 20 Prosperities in my life. Give me some help.”

    My favorite crystal is Selenite. It is liquid light. I love and adore it and think every human being on the planet needs to have it. It’s a form of gypsum and what it does is infuse your body with light. So if you have any stuck energy, just by rubbing it and holding it or putting it on your body, it feels as if angel wings are surrounding you and your spirit feels lighter as the weight of the world melts off your body.

    Lately, I have been really drawn to Blue Lace Agate. I love to put it on my throat chakra. I have come into this life with a very raspy voice and it’s just normal for me. But sometimes we know there’s a little bit more of the emotional part and I need to start speaking my truth, maybe communicating more about my truth. Blue Lace Agate has really helped me do that.

    So if you’re interested in learning more about Energy Muse, please visit our website EnergyMuse.com and also pick up our book Crystal Muse: Everyday Rituals to Tune In to the Real You, which includes rituals for tapping into the real you. We’ve included simple techniques and practical ideas because we all have a common theme. It’s love and we really do feel that love is in the earth.

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