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    At DrMiller.com our purpose is to enable students, patients, clients and customers to succeed physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually through the use of self-empowering mind-body medicine tools, such as deep relaxation, meditation, guided imagery, self-hypnosis, and personal/spiritual growth.

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    http://DrMiller.com is more than a source of information on achieving health and well-being. Through articles, interviews, videos and more, Dr. Miller shares his knowledge and experience to teach you how to heal yourself while understanding and using the techniques of peak performance, and personal and collective transformation.

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    Welcome to "Ask Dr. Miller".  I am here to answer your questions about Deep Healing and Mind/Body Medicine. In a world besieged by specialists, my goal has been to address that little something that has disappeared from most specialties—the patient! 

    Ask your questions at
    Email your questions to DrMiller@DrMiller.com

    Dr. Miller will answer your questions and they may even appear here on Dr. Miller's YouTube.com channel.  **All personal information will be kept confidential.
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    Watch Sample's of Dr. Miller's Presentations

    Dr. Miller has been acclaimed as a master speaker and workshop leader. His seminal trainings at the Esalen Institute in the 1970s spearheaded the development of modern Mind/Body Medicine. Since that time, he has had extensive experience in addressing audiences of all types, from the American Medical Association to Stanford University graduate students, and from major corporation executives to music and dance therapists.

    Dr. Miller has appeared many times on national television, led hundreds of intimate weekend workshops, and has spoken to thousands at national conferences of medical and psychiatric professionals. He lectures at numerous universities and medical schools, and has appeared on many national TV shows, including Sally Jesse Raphael, Regis Philbin, and 20/20.

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    From ancient indigenous cultures to the cutting edge technology of today, Dr. Miller has collected the wisdom of the ages in order to develop a theoretical basis and a practical set of tools — Software for the Mind — for deep healing and peak performance. You will learn to balance and nurture the body, focus spiritual energy to heal physical illness, and create wellness and happiness.

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    Here we will explore the mind and the emotions, and how they can be balanced for deep healing and peak performance.

    Your emotions are the power source for your life, and your mind (both conscious and subconscious) is your pilot. Both your mind and your emotions must be well-balanced and functioning optimally for you to achieve the happiness, health, and success you really want. Your emotions are meant to serve your mind -- as messengers to bring information in from the world and your body and to take guidance instruction from your mind to your body and your behavior.

    Our illnesses and suffering are the result of how we see the world -- and ourselves. Whatever the problem, it is best solved by being able to quiet unnecessary emotional reactions, allow ourselves to envision a truthful perspective, and call upon our inner knowledge and wisdom to help make the correct choice -- and see it through to completion. These are the primary functions of the mind and emotions. We are responsible for the behaviors of our minds and emotions, and for our beliefs. But there are few of us who accept this responsibility.

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    More than 90% of everything we do is by habit, from brushing our teeth to walking down the street to signing our name. Most of these habitual behaviors are positive -- but often there are some behaviors that hold us back and even make us sick. Those habits may have to do with smoking, overeating, alcohol abuse, drug abuse, gambling, losing one's temper, or any behavior that is repeated in spite of the fact it is not helping.

    All of your behaviors belong to you, and you have the right to change them. The resources you find here will help you understand why you behave the way you do, and why others behave as they do. You will learn how to become more aware of your habits, addictions and other behaviors that do not serve you and how you can understand the emotions at their root. And especially, you will find tips and tools you can use to make the changes you want to make.

    • Browse Dr. Miller's Guided Imagery Programs for Overcoming, Habits, Behaviors and Addictions: http://drmiller.pinnaclecart.com/change-habits-and-behavi...
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  • Nurture Your Spirit Play all

    As you learn ways to nurture your spirit, you will learn to understand both the why and the how of going beyond stress and distractions to know the deepest parts of yourself -- then how to bring to life what has heart and meaning for you. We will explore both contemporary and ancient wisdom teachings contributed by many spiritual, philosophical, and intellectual traditions.

    • Browse Dr. Miller's Guided Imagery Programs for Nurturing Your Spirit: http://drmiller.pinnaclecart.com/nurture-your-spirit/
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  • Peak Performance & True Leadership Play all

    Why Not Be All You Can Be? Here we will explore that very personal inner leadership that can empower you to achieve unparalleled success — all while you manage stress like a pro. That is what Peak Performance is.

    Why not become the skilled and successful leader of your own life? Later, if you wish, you can share that wealth with your community, or workplace, or place of worship. The secret lies between your ears.

    The material published here will help you discover and stay in touch with your deepest values and your personal mission. The ideas here are Software for the Mind, designed to help you achieve your goals, both as an individual and expressing them harmoniously as a member of a team, community, or network.

    • See Dr. Miller's Peak Performance Guided Imagery Programs: http://drmiller.pinnaclecart.com/achieve-peak-performance/
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  • The Magic of Music and Poetry Play all

    Listen, Learn, Love, Live, The Groove Is The Thing

    A collection of Dr. Miller performing poetry, music and song to heal, awaken the spirit, and guide the way to joy, humor, wholeness, and planetary peace.

    Next to silence, music comes the closest to expressing the inexpressible. - Huxley

    Music is the language of nature. There will always be the cynics to remind us of our frailties and failures, but there is also a timeless treasury of literature, art, music and dance to celebrate our truer value and remind us we can grow. Music helps us point our way in the direction we really want to go -- it all depends on how we'd rather see ourselves, for as we see ourselves, so do we become.

    Music is the sacred geometry of God ... the divine mathematics. Hasrat Inayat Khan

    "The poets did well to conjoin Music and Medicine in Apollo: because the office of medicine is but to tune this curious harp of man's body and to reduce it to harmony." -- powerful words from Sir Francis Bacon, the guy who "invented" the scientific method. I certainly agree -- in fact that among its powers (romantic, military, exciting, etc.) music has the ability to point our way towards healing, health, and wellness.

    The visual and performing arts are windows through the mundane to the brighter side of humanity. They mirror the beauty, the hope and the triumph inside and around us, if we choose to look for it.

    But . . . "some people go to their graves with their music still inside of them." (Oliver Wendell Holmes). I have chosen to not let that happen. Here are some of my offerings as an invitation to join me here or in person, as we explore.

    So if you would like to come share music with me, you are welcome. Bring your humming or singing voice, your clapping hands, patting feet -- or more. If you like it click "Like" and come back again. Encourage me and I will create more (like everyone else) -- ignore me and I will go away. And remember, "In music, technique is secondary. The object is to express poetry, and the players express it through their eyes, through their bodies." (Slotkin)

    "A musician must make music, an artist must paint, a poet must write, if he is to be ultimately at peace with himself. What one can be, one must be." Maslow

    And so I must. And in doing so I awaken a latent spirituality deep within myself. Perhaps Martin Luther was right when he said
    "I have no pleasure in any man who despises music. It is no invention of ours: it is a gift of God. I place it next to theology. Satan hates music: he knows how it drives the evil spirit out of us."

    It has been written, "Those who do not hear the music think the dancers mad." Come join me in my sacred madness.

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