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Rand Paul: ObamaCare Isn't Fixable And Most "Fixes" Coming From The Executive Are Unconstitutional

12,148 views 7 months ago
Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) was in tonight's "Center Seat" on Special Report. He told the All Star Panel that ObamaCare isn't fixable.

The senator believes President Obama's health care law fixes are unconstitutional because it's the legislative branch that's supposed to vote on making amendments to a law.

That being said, he admitted that the old system wasn't real capitalism and didn't work well. To make it better, the senator said there needs to be more competition. "I think we went the wrong way. [Obama] narrowed the marketplace."

One way to do that is by expanding on the health savings accounts. The tax free accounts, Paul explained, would allow people to use the money left over from their health care costs on other things like college tuition. "Under our system, you'd have higher deductibles but lower premiums. But you'd have more freedom as to how to spend your money."

Charles Krauthammer asked Paul if he believes the GOP-led filibuster before the government shutdown was a good tactic, and if he's prepared to do it again as new debt deadlines approach. Paul responded. "Even though it appeared that I was participating in [the shutdown], I said it was a dumb idea. And the reason I voted for it though is that it's a conundrum. [...] We just can't keep raising the debt ceiling without conditions." Show less
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