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    This video was produced shortly after a fatal accident took place on the flyover ramp from southbound Interstate 275 to eastbound Interstate 375 (Exit 23A) in Downtown St. Petersburg. As this is my first ever YouTube video this is an impromptu video that I created.

    First Ill take you on a ride on southbound Interstate 275, exiting at eastbound Interstate 375. I explain how dangerous this ramp has become, especially since the tanker mishap at this very same location back in March 2007.

    Next, Ill show you another ramp that is potentially dangerous, and that is Interstate 275 southbound at Interstate 175. It has the same flyover characteristics; however, this ramp goes under the northbound lanes of Interstate 275 rather than over as is the case with Interstate 375.

    More recently after I did this video the Florida DOT made some safety improvements to the ramp onto eastbound Interstate 375 from southbound Interstate 275. In my opinion the safety improvements are good but not good enough. Improvements include erecting Speed Limit 50 mph signs at the start of the ramp and an advance 50 mph warning mounted in the median just before the last overhead sign gantry for Interstate 375 on southbound Interstate 275.

    Here is a link to the blog entry over at my Interstate 275 Florida Blog for more information on the ramp:


    Here is a link to the Interstate 375 page over at my website for all things Interstate 275 in the Tampa Bay area which includes information on the 2007 tanker accident:


    Enjoy the video and please feel free to comment. Thanks for watching!
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    Conceived as part of a school project, this radio play is set in Toronto in the mid-1980's when the Cold War was still going on. This is about a fictional station, CKFD, as it would have been heard in an international crisis leading up to the unthinkable. If you liked The Day After or Threads, this radio play will have you on the edge of your seat! A well done radio play by YouTube user 1RadicalOne.
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  • Protect and Survive PSA's

    During the Cold War, the threat of nuclear attack was on everyone's minds. The fear of an all-out nuclear attack was not just limited to the United States; it was everywhere else especially in western Europe.

    Britain had an idea to prepare its population if in the event international tensions got so hot that nuclear war was inevitable. Along with several emergency laws that Parliament would pass, regular TV programming would stop and a series of Public Information Films (which we in the USA call Public Service Announcements) would be broadcast advising the population on how to protect themselves during and after a nuclear attack.

    The series of programs is called Protect and Survive. Produced at the same time the pamphlet of the same name in 1976, these programs were kept in a safe place, only to be unspooled on British television in the event nuclear attack was inevitable. After plenty of public uproar about the secrecy of Protect and Survive, the pamphlet was made available to the public for a small price and the programs were eventually released.

    If you watch the movie Threads (1984), two of the Protect and Survive films are featured partially: Action After Warnings and What to Do When the Warnings Sound. I have watched Threads and, believe me, the Protect and Survive films were much scarier than the Emergency Broadcast System tests we Americans were accustomed to before the Cold War ended.

    So, I present to you a playlist of the entire Protect and Survive series for your viewing pleasure. Thanks to YouTube users Pandemian and OutpostChannel for uploading this important piece of Cold War history.
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