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  • Sold It Off ("Shake it Off" Parody) [dragoncontv]

    2,294 views 2 weeks ago
    There's a new Star Wars movie coming out ... this makes the folks at DragonConTV wonder how it will all turn out. Are the fans excited? How does George Lucas feel? Can JJ Abrams dance? All this and more will be revealed in our musical tribute to Taylor Swift and "Star Wars: Episode VII: The Force Awakens".

    Sold It Off (Taylor Swift "Shake It Off" Parody)
    Produced for DragonConTV 2015

    Starring Rachel Pendergrass as Princess Swift and Rory Gordon as George Lucas.
    Written by Stephen Granade and Brian Richardson.
    Directed by Brian Richardson and Tommy Byrd.
    Video Editing and Music Production by Tommy Byrd.

    Production Assistance by Jessi Stephens, Ally Pelphrey, Michelle Levin and Mel S.

    Thanks to MomoCon, Studio Z and the massive clone army of Dragon Con fans who pitched in.

    Adam Albert as JJ Abrams
    Alex Bennett as Dark Lord Mickey
    Alexander Roberts as Republic Commando
    Asai To as Dancing Fan
    Azure Thorne as Dancing Fan
    Bobby Shively as Stormtrooper
    Caitlin Stewart as Aurora
    Caleigh Allen as Cinderella
    Captain Rex as Captain Rex
    Cari "Rhaethe" Merola as Tusken Raider
    Chris Sanders/TK-80806 as Stormtrooper
    Crystal Navaro as Jasmine
    Crystal Wyatt as Asajj Ventress
    Dah Debil as Sad Maul
    Darius Washington as Lando and Dancing Fan
    Deena Roth as Snow White
    ElektroViking as Chief Duuka (Jawa) and Dancing Fan
    Emma as Jawa
    Heather Burkett Roy as Belle
    Izack as Darth Vader
    James Clarke as Lucas McCoy (Mandalorian) and Dancing Fan
    Jason Wyatt as Count Dooku
    Joyce Lanterman as R234DD and Dancing Fan
    Kane as Boba Fett
    Kylanna Nyxon as Mandalorian and Dancing Fan
    Mel Meng as Mulan
    Michael A. Clark as Imperial Technician and Dancing Fan
    Michelle Brannon as Lady Vader and Dancing Fan
    Michelle Levin as Dancing Fan
    Miranda Bryant as Elsa
    Nasir Bayan as Stormtrooper, Tusken Raider and Dancing Fan
    Parker Bliss as Rapunzel
    Rachel Pendergrass as Princess Swift
    Ren Treubig as Merida
    Rory Gordon as George Lucas
    Sam "Yutah" Talley as Mandalorian
    Shane Worth as Mandalorian and Dancing Fan
    Shannon Shively as Legacy
    Squiggle as Red Shock Trooper
    Squirtscout as Small Scout Trooper
    Steampunk Boba Fett as Jedi Consular and Dancing Fan
    TATO as TIE Pilot
    Amanda VanHiel as Anna
    TK-12358 as Stormtrooper
    TK-5934 as First Order Stormtrooper
    TK-77477 as Stormtrooper
    Ved Robinson as Tiana

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