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Phantom Assassin - I'll crit them baby! (Call me maybe parody)

236,945 views 1 year ago
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Dota 2 - Heroes Lore Play

Dota 2 Lore is a new D2PTV show where we are going to present you the story of each and every Dota 2 Hero. We have taken the basic story designed by Valve and added more details to make the story more interesting and enjoyable.

Show comes with the English subtitles!

Dota 2 - Pub Club Play

A weekly show (if good replays were submitted) where we showcase your moves, jukes, rampages, escapes and even fails. These are the fast paced videos with a lot of action and awesome background music.

Dota 2 - Learn To Play! Play

Compilation of videos which cover basic, intermediate and advanced D2 systems and gameplay. What to pick, how to play, how to kill, how to win and of course, how to have fun; you will know all of that once you watch these vids!

Dota 2 - Random Tutorials & Tests Play

List of the random and useful tutorials and tests that can't be placed under the single playlist. So we have just placed them under the "Random Tutorials & Tests" playlist.

Dota 2 - The Diary Play

Follow the story of our Hero Creep - Steve, as he goes through the many Dota 2 adventures with his friends, Jack, John and Lizzy. This is a chance for you to see the Dota 2 from a perspective of the simple but brave creep.

Dota 2 - Learn Your Role Play

There are several Hero Roles in the game, Supports, Carries, Junglers and so on. Watch your introduction videos and get yourself informed about this very important aspect of the game!

MODO Steam Edition - Tutorials Play

If you would like to start creating your own Dota 2 items but don't know how to start, these 12 tutorial videos will be a perfect way for you to start the journey. MODO Steam Edition has it all; modelling, sculpting, texturing and most importantly - the easy way of importing and testing your models within the Dota 2 client. MODO KEY GIVEAWAY will start soon! Stay tuned!

For more info: http://store.steampowered.com/app/244290/
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