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    We are the leading voice in the evolution into hybrid photography and extend a warm welcome to you. Photography is going through a magnificent change right now as mirrorless camera mature into wonderful lightweigh yet high performance tools for the pro as well as non-pro. Flash is getting ready to step aside for continuous light like LED, sound enters the picture and photographers need to be able to shoot "talking portraits" but choosing and using microphones is really tough. Will Crockett is an early adopter to shooting photo+video+audio and making "eProducts" to replace the sagging sales of years past. This YouTube channel is the home of his and many of the others that have helped along the way.

    We apologize for our inability to respond to comments and questions here on the YouTube pages. We've just had too many trolls that we cannot monitor this AND get our client work done. So, please connect with us on LinkedIn? It's not like the photo forums, it's a professional, relaxed, polite group of pros answering question on how they are adding photo+video+audio+graphics to their list of products to sell and making a profit. All are welcome, discourteous remarks get one polite warning then are blocked permanently. There's SO MUCH to learn!

    Join our LinkedIn discussion group:
    Hybrid Photography Using Mirrorless Cameras.

    Our premium video channel is of course at: https://www.thephotochannel...

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