• Purim: Tested Like Esther (Klezmer Hip Hop)

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    Words: Danny Raphael
    Music: Sephirot: https://soundcloud.com/seph...
    Video: Philip Kingslan John https://kingslanjohn.wordpr...

    As well as being a work in its own right, this video is part of a lesson plan about Purim and the lessons it offers us in social responsibility, email me on dannyraphael@gmail.com for a copy.

    The Story of Esther pretty much laid down the rules for how to write a Hollywood thriller, packing in as it does all the classic elements: paranoid ruler, sneaky deputy, bucket loads of sexual politics, an epic struggle of good versus evil, a comic-yet-murderous subplot, complete with dispensable idiots, and so on...

    This song is my attempt to understand what we, today, can learn from this rip-roaring story, and the way that we've been celebrating it for the last 2,500 years - by dressing up, telling the story, feasting and giving gifts to our friends and to the poor.

    Having looked into it a bit, I discovered that dressing up and giving gifts aren't just random ideas for getting the kids out the way, they're actually important and transformative, for us and for those around us, and that's where the song goes, explaining the connections between the ancient story of sex and politics and our imperative today to care for our fellow humans.

    I hope you enjoy it...



    The truth of this world is hidden

    But people are livin in a prison

    Chasing power and fame

    But you know it all fades away

    The truth of this world is hidden

    But people are livin in a prison

    If you hear the Megillah this Purim

    Then you will hear it calling

    Verse 1

    Did you know that the name of the heroine of Purim

    Esther [whispered] means the star of the morning

    Breathing the rays of hope and calling

    Light to disseminate cos day is dawning
    ?But what was the day that Esther started?

    ?What was the lesson that her life imparted?

    Simply – we gotta take responsibility

    Cos in this life we're livin in, Divinity is hidden see
    And some folks front but none have got the ability

    To bring a miraculous delivery

    Like splitting the sea we just can't conceive

    This epitome of miracles – it's just too deep
    And that's why Esther was born and blessed

    To suggest how we need to address this test

    It's easy to remember the light when it shines

    But what you gonna do when the light, done hide?


    Verse 2

    Visualise Esther livin as a Queen

    In a luxury palace, every girl's dream

    But Esther knows that nothing's what it seems

    And what seems so real can come apart at the seams
    So when opportunity came a-knocking one day

    Did-she-try-to-evade? Did-she-try-to-escape?

    Or-did-she-risk her life for the saving

    Her brethren from the evil plot to dead them?
    Cos Mordechai asked her the question

    Don't-you-see-we-alllll exist in connection

    There's no escaping this interdependence

    Every single one of us needs the redemption
    And you might be a queen or a king or a jester

    But one of these days you'll be tested like Esther

    So what you gonna do when the going gets hard

    Will you act like yourself, or will you wear, a mask?


    Verse 3

    You know the deepest truth is counter-intuitive

    On Purim wearing a mask is removing the

    Mask that we usually wear as we go thru our lives

    You know we all wear a disguise
    We all play a role when it suits us fine

    But none of us like to be played tho, right?

    See I mentioned the fact of our inter-connection

    How like it or not we're interdependent
    So your neighbour is more than a boss or a client

    Or somebody selling what you wanna buy

    Purim teaches that true celebration

    Comes from repairing our fragmentation
    Sharing our gifts whilst wearing a costume

    Giving allows us to be who we want to be

    I know that you're just like me

    We need each other to be, complete

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