• D-SPillz - DFUOB7 (with lyrics)

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    tearin through ya roster ,imma scare em imma monster/ a weirdo i get lots of ugly stares because im not some/ proper talkin cracker n my chain be reppin murda/ exactly what we do to competition when we serve ya/ blur ya out the picture, anybody wanna get a swisher/ imma smoke these other rappers, put em in a ash tray when im finished/ these idiots aint lyricists the ignorant n scared to hit/ them streets they rap about but never been up in or near the shit/ you gotta crossfade, real cats from the fake n recognize/ these other guys all talk mane, gotta spray these rats with pesticides/ i see these squares they cant see me when even Stevie stares/ like he can hear the way i produce these thoughts up between my ears/ cant believe these queers even breathe my air better put em on an oxygen tank instead/ of even thinkin that we gone co-exist you must be impaired/ scenery red from bleedin these pussies dead/ so call the police n feds n tell em we got a gang here/ reppin them double c's til underneath the fuckin grave yeah/ steppin up to the king bitch you better swing you aint no gangster/ yall are cartoons n im targeting you if i gotta say who than you probably knew/ so im not gonna clue your ass in not again get a bop to the chin while im talkin baboon/ monkey wrenches thrown in the way still i can walk on the moon/im higher than flyer than rings around saturn fuck all that battlin my squad is goons/ n we got them flows been poppin them freestyles for centuries/ we steady be givin em bars like penitentiaries/ im like a warden how i call shots/ n yall aint ballin bitch so get up off the court n back to yalls blocks/ i got that venom so im poison like a brown recluse/ got the game tied up in a knot i be hangin like a noose/ my horns are up just like a moose, this choppa be buckin em like im huntin mother goose/ to kill your nursery rhymes, better duck duck (poof!)/ gone with the wind, up with the bull, run through ya crew, fuck what ya knew/ raw witta pen, yo shit dumbed down like ya road a damn short bus to school/ im scientific wit rhyming my element isnt part of the periodic yet cuz im higher than a comet get/ so they aint takin me serious til i show em that my potion's liquid flow, so heres a sample you will not forget/ dont fuck up the beat 'less you done it like me double m's gonna beat up the competition/ our company's beast from the streets to the beats you dont want any beef when the choppa twist em/ level anybody wanna get it wit us fuckin wit a clique of spittaz better get the militaries help/ you could never go against and get a win from anybody in my family i guarantee ya gonna take an L

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