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    Throughout DARPA’s history, artificial intelligence (AI) has been an important area of groundbreaking research and development (R&D). In the 1960s, DARPA researchers completed some of the foundational work in the field, leading to the creation of expert systems, or the first wave of AI technologies. Since then, DARPA has funded developments in the second wave of AI – machine learning – which has significantly impacted defense and commercial capabilities in areas such as speech understanding, self-driving cars, and image recognition. Today, DARPA continues to fund AI innovation, making multiple investments in research that aim to shape a future in which AI systems shift from tools to trusted, collaborative partners in problem solving.

    First announced in September, the DARPA AI Next campaign is a multi-year, upwards of $2 billion investment in new and existing programs to create the third wave of AI technologies. To increase awareness of DARPA’s expansive AI R&D efforts, the agency hosted an Artificial Intelligence Colloquium (AIC) March 6-7, 2019 in Alexandria, Virginia. This event brought together the DoD research community and defense stakeholders to learn more about DARPA’s current and emerging AI programs, as well as discover how the myriad technologies in development could apply to their diverse missions.

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    DARPA has long been a leader in the field of artificial intelligence, establishing the foundations of the field and leading creation of expert systems, and then supporting the expansion of machine learning. The agency’s most recent investments — undertaken as part of DARPA’s $2 billion AI Next campaign — are supporting a shift in AI systems from tools alone to trusted, collaborative partners in problem solving. To increase awareness of DARPA’s expansive AI R&D efforts, the agency hosted an Artificial Intelligence Colloquium (AIC) in March 2019. The event brought together the Department of Defense research community and stakeholders to learn more about DARPA’s current and emerging AI programs, and discover how the technologies in development could apply to diverse missions.
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    D60 was a three-day symposium hosted by DARPA to commemorate its 60th anniversary. The event, held September 5-7, 2018, highlighted DARPA’s innovative approach to creating breakthrough technologies and capabilities that represent the Agency’s past, present, and future.

    DARPA’s mission requires a constant stream of novel ideas and contributions from innovators looking beyond what is possible now. D60 provided attendees the opportunity to engage with up-and-coming innovators, along with some of today’s most creative and accomplished scientists and technologists, as they continue to provide these contributions. By sharing our record of achievements over the past 60 years, DARPA sought to inspire attendees to explore future technologies, their potential application to tomorrow’s technical and societal challenges, and the dilemmas those applications may engender. D60 participants had the opportunity to enter into new relationships, partnerships, and communities of interest that the event set out to foster, and to advance dialogue on the pursuit of science in the national interest.

    D60 featured six plenary sessions focused on topics of broad importance and interest, as well as 30 themed breakout sessions that dove more deeply into particular topics relevant to national security. An exhibit hall featured engaging displays from DARPA’s six technical offices, each of which showcased a selection of programs that reflected the breadth of DARPA’s research portfolio and the range of its performer base. Visitors to the exhibit hall also had the opportunity to review an extensive showcase of historical displays and artifacts featuring highlights from DARPA’s storied past.
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    DARPA’s Microsystems Technology Office hosted the first annual Electronics Resurgence Initiative (ERI) Summit July 23-25, 2018. The three-day event brought together those most impacted by the coming inflection in Moore’s Law, including senior representatives from the commercial sector, defense industrial base, academia, and government, to promote collaboration and cooperation on shaping the future direction of U.S. semiconductor innovation. The event also highlighted progress and opportunities within DARPA’s ERI research programs.
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