• Gangsta Diaries Valium One - The MixTape (Mp3 D/L Included)

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    ★ Track List ★

    Gangsta Diaries - Valium One
    It's okay, I'm From The Internet!
    The Mixtape!

    Track 1 - 0:00 - Twistin Wigs Back (85bpm)
    Track 2 - 4:02 - Expose Ya Guts (82 bpm)
    Track 3 - 7:55 - Dark Highway (74 bpm)
    Track 4 - 12:16 - Usual Suspects (85 bpm)

    ★ *Chest Bump*

    What's good my sexy people?! Good! Hope you had a good mother's day and ya fired the fuck up for some beats! WHO'S WITH ME?! No one?! Okay, we'll have to work on that in the coming weeks, s'all gud. Well we're back at Monday and I think I've harnessed my spirit animal (Justin Bieber) It's either that or these new headphones. I like to think it's Dustin Beeper giving me the power to go on, you can think whatever you want.. ANYYWAYYY!!! So yeah, here's the mixtape that's not been anticipated at all. GIMMIE A BREAK it's my second one in life. IKR you were all like YOU AIN'T A WHITE DR DRE?! Sadly enough to your disappointment, no, I am not. Just some pasty white dude from Duh Branx witha burning desire to produce music for the masses! Welp, I hope you enjoy this, I know you ain't gonna listen to all 16 mins, and I don't expect you to, but when you're skimming thru, if you got an extra second, lemme know which beat you'd make babies with. Thanks!

    P.S. I love likes, subs, favorites, and shares. :) Tickle the baby!


    Much love to all of you who been with me since day one, when my music sounded like 2 hurt hump back whales,washed up on shore, to all you new people who just got on board now that my music sounds more like 2 semi stunned fainting goats. Much love to you all. From the people who believe in what I do, to the hater sitting in a dark room smelling like stale farts, and 8 week old trail mix! Without you, there's no us! So till we meet again, in a dark piss scented alley.... Stay up! *Chest Bump*

    For those of you looking to download just the beats with no adlibs, check below for all the individual links to each track.


    This week's channel shout out goes to Criminal720. He does video game commentary, blogs, he's a cool ass dude, and someone I enjoy watching... So this week, if you're looking for some new people to sub, hop on over to his channel link below, and check out his channel. It's free, takes 2 seconds of your time, and you never know, you might enjoy his channel, and stay a while.


    If you want your page featured here, just leave me a message in this video, and you have to be subbed to me. There's always a catch. :) AIN'T NOTHING FREE IN LIFE!!! :D



    ★THIS WEEK'S NEW SUBSCRIBERS (Thanks 4 The Support)★
    Here's the latest addition to the goon squad... Much love to all you guys!



    ★Track 1 - http://www.mediafire.com/do......

    ★Track 2 - http://www.mediafire.com/do......

    ★Track 3 - http://www.mediafire.com/do......

    ★Track 4- http://www.mediafire.com/do...... Show less
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