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    Give me a shout in the comments, would love to know what you think about this one! I'll try and respond.

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    Okay first things first I don't know how legal it is to setup the artwork like that but considering this will earn me a whopping $0 I hope nobody will ever find out; still, the fonts I used are from Haley Wakamatsu which I found on behance: https://www.behance.net/gal......) , and Toby Fox owns that style of logo I'm pretty sure as well. Also I didn't use the background grey of the font I felt it looked kind of chill like thiss sorry Haley

    Most importantly I wanted the visualizer to have small bones in them instead of the white bars but I didn't know how to do that sorry sans undertale. Also the standard visualizer is obviously the best because you can follow the instruments from left to right by looking at the frequencies, way better than those circle mountain things what even is that that's no fun

    Okay so I'm just 3 or so years late but you know undertale was a thing I think but I didn't feel like remixing any of the tracks even though they are so good, I just took this one melody and tried to kind of imagine what it would sound like in that style.

    This is probably the most fascinating project I've ever had since I think I started this in late 2014 (unrelated to Undertale yet) and I just finished it a few days ago (this is the original part for anyone interested: https://www.youtube.com/wat......). I'm planning on making a video with some of the early drafts of the tune which would be kind of hilarious to me and hopefully interesting to some of you as well. Let me know if you'd love to see that too!

    So uh, yeah I mean what else is there to say about Undertale I guess the following got too crazy or something on the internet, somehow I managed to avoid that and just appreciate the game and the music which are brilliant and very inspirational. I also heard the game came out on switch recently so that means that this is a very timely upload I'm definitely not 3 years late to the party. But the point isn't to just get it out there, I wanted to make it sound kind of okay and didn't mind when I'd put it out,

    which is also interesting since for the longest time I thought I wouldn't release it at all because this is the one song I got stuck the hardest on how to connect the parts, continue it, etc, etc, and I just kind of decided to finish it off this summer. I also worked on it a lot while drunk which should also be interesting. So if it kind of trails off weirdly after a while, it's because it's gone through so many iterations and I really have no idea what it sounds like to fresh ears anymore. Hope it's kind of neat at least! The title is also really representative of the project since before 2015 it was just called "New" and then it was just called "UT" and I couldn't find a more appropriate name for it

    The mix is also kind of interesting since I had a working mix for the longest time, and then I mixed it on my big headphones and I REALLY liked that mix until I heard it on the IEMs and it sounded like absolute garbage :( so I mixed again with the IEMs but that mix sounded really boring on the headphones, and in the end I settled on this third kind of middling mix. The kick is probably way too punchy and hitting the limiter too hard but I guess I kind of liked it that way anyway...the bass used to be much louder but I toned it down a ton. If I release that video with the earlier drafts, you'll hear the differences I'm sure!

    Anyway there's a lot more I'd like to say about it but maybe I'll do it in that separate video. In any case special thanks to sans undertale and do not steal my original character spry undertale Show less
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