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    Official Music Video for “Army of One (Soldier)” from the album Army of One by CodeMan
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    Lyrics to Army of One (Soldier):

    (Verse 1)
    I am ready to fight in the war
    Open Heart surgeries, back to the board
    Map out the battle, just 2 shots
    is all it takes to win against this foe
    but no, we're looking at 7
    40 minute seizure, Lord in Heaven
    I call to you, please God
    Give me the strength to pull through it
    full of sickness, I mean this condition
    Load the clip, stick it to the lips of the competition
    kiss ya wishes goodbye, bye (gun shot)
    ya'll look suspicious, keep ya distance
    or get wetted up like cleaning dishes
    EKGs and X Ray visions
    just some things to keep me alive
    Dr. Owens, I need backup
    the frontline is turning flat enough
    to call this the end, but I cant
    surrender to them, Win is a must
    clutch the cross hanging on my chain
    with the dog tags that states my name
    Bow and pray and simply say
    It's time, I stand and spray
    that AK all across the place
    Then I wake up, look and see
    My family waiting for me
    My family waiting for me
    I saw a tear in my dads eye
    He saluted me, I asked him why
    Cuz you fought for your life
    An Army of One, son

    Come on, fall in line
    You're the leader of this battle it's your time to shine
    The war has just begun
    But I know you won't stop until your day is done
    I know you've done it all
    But don't make this last battle be your very last call
    I'ma tell everyone
    That I have a son
    And he's an army of one

    (Verse 2)
    Reigning supreme has become an addiction
    Its affected me to Inflict this friction
    death is sick of my condition
    So we tango like a dance competition
    2 steppin to live this life
    hit the mic and speak and my mind
    tweak the rhymes so it seeps inside
    The ears and eyes of all that hide
    from the fact that I am blessed
    The hunger in me is all that's left
    So I'ma battle my way to be the best
    man I can, so what you expect?
    I aint gotta be cocky
    cuz I know that God has got me
    yeah, God you got me!!
    Then let's rock this body
    of people, here for the sequel
    to that war painted on the easel
    bloodshed splattered on the steeple
    of broken hymns, neon cathedral
    ha, Macklemore
    Here's my return, I'm back for more
    A soldier who attacks and sores
    Yeah, I soar
    High above the clouds
    I'm looking down and all around
    see the aftermath of the fight that's now
    the talk of the crowd
    CodeMan will forever be
    a legend of surgery
    My story is urgent see
    So I climb to the top and then I scream


    I will never break
    No, I will never break
    You'll never take away that fight in me
    And yes, I'm here to stay
    Yes, I'm here to stay
    You'll never take away that fight in me, NO!
    I got that, I got that, I got that pride in me
    I got that, I got that, I got that pride in me
    I got that, I got that, I got that pride in me
    I got that pride in me

    (Verse 3)
    Tighten up my boots, ready for the final war
    with the weapon I use, lyrics right from my core
    Right from my heart, Fight with my heart
    To my enemy, Don't try and compete for
    This throne and crown
    attempt it, you'll get thrown around
    the entire town, the entire town, the entire crowd, the entire crowd
    Will start chanting my name
    C-O-D-E man, the champ in the game
    I'm prancing the stage
    with the belt and the reign
    as I belch out the flame
    I felt it and gained
    The graces of God
    I look to the sky and then I nod
    I Close my eyes and my heart throbbed
    I know why I won against the odds
    I'ma Soldier!

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