• being a hairy girl

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    A little video about my experience as a hairy girl, and a grim ingrown hair removal. Expand for my laser hair removal experience.

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    Laser Hair Removal Review:

    My first appointment for laser hair removal was a great experience. The staff were professional and attentive. I was told to not shave for a day or two before my appointment so they could see exactly where the hair is. The hair should be short but visible. I treated my underarms and entire bikini area. The technician was very professional and the appointment wasn’t awkward at all. The procedure itself felt like someone was snapping a thick elastic band across my skin (not the most comfortable feeling, but much less painful than waxing). After the appointment I had no irritation, and two weeks later, all of the hair in the treated areas fell out and I was hairless for a month or two. I was ecstatic, and my armpits looked so bright! Usually when I shave, my underarm area still appears dark from the hairs growing underneath the skin. After getting my armpits lasered, they looked so clean! 10/10

    My second appointment was terrible. The technician who treated me the first time was no longer working at the clinic, and I got stuck with a squeamish young woman who was obviously inexperienced. She was afraid to get in there and do the job, she missed a few spots, she burned me a few times which was quite painful and gross because you can feel/smell your skin cooking, and she gave me a very intolerant and condescending tone. I paid the same price for both appointments, so be very careful about where you go and who is treating you. I will only go to MD offices with the best equipment and request senior technicians from now on. Lesson learned.

    I still have many appointments ahead if I decide to keep going with this. The second appointment left a bad taste in my mouth, and it’s expensive, so I’ve been putting it off. But I’d like to continue in a clinic I can trust. I’ve saved a lot of money on razors because my hair grows in thinner now (during certain hair cycles). I also like the idea of not worrying about my armpits and bikini zone anymore. My armpit hair limits my wardrobe choices on days where I don’t shave, and my bikini zone hair limits me from going swimming a lot because I have to frequently shave which can cause razor burn/irritation/ingrown hairs. I enjoy shaving my legs, so I’ll probably leave those be. I hope this was helpful!

    P.S. My girl-stache doesn't really grow in anymore so I won't be lasering/treating it. Remember that everyone has hair almost everywhere, some people's hair is just much finer/thicker than others. Try to be kind to people who have thicker hair in completely normal yet unexpected places. Show less
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