• 5-year-old Blasts Political Correctness & Entitlement Mentality

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    5-year-old Talk Show host Melody Blasts Political Correctness & Entitlement Mentality on her show, "A Moment with Melody."


    Today I want to talk about Political Correctness.
    It's very tricky because there is nothing correct about it.
    Political Correctness should really be called Political Incorrectness.
    It's really a way that one group of people
    Try to brainwash you to do something the bad way.
    And to make you feel bad if you try to go it a good way.

    Let me give you an example.
    You do lots of chores to earn money to go to the carnival.
    It's so much fun because there are so many fun rides.
    Roller coasters, merry-go-rounds, Ferris Wheels.
    You get the idea.

    But that's where the problem with Political Correctness comes in.
    That's bad.
    A bunch of kids from the town south of the carnival travel north to the carnival.
    They are wearing T-shirts that say 'Poor Me' on the front.
    And 'Entitlement Mentality' on the back of their T-shirts.
    Those T-shirt kids who had the T-shirts were ruining the carnival for all of us.
    Because they come to the carnival with no money and no tickets.
    They butt to the front of the lines.
    And when they get done riding the rides, they cut to the front of the line again.
    So people who paid money to ride rides never get to ride anything.
    We are stuck all day just waiting in lines and never get to ride a single ride.

    But when you complain to carnival management they ask you why you hate the 'Poor Me' kids.

    You try to tell them that you don't hate them. You just want to ride the rides you paid for.
    Then you try to tell them, "That's not fair!" But they say you must be one of those hater kids.
    And they say we need to pass laws against haters like me.
    So you have to do everything they want or I'm a 'hater.'
    And they say I have to pay for them and me.
    And they say they don't have to pay for anything.
    Because they say we're haters.

    You see there is nothing fair about Political Correctness.
    It's just an excuse for someone to be bad or selfish.
    And blame the good people and the hard working people,
    So political correctness if bad.
    So don't let bullies who use political correctness to try to make you think you're bad.

    That all for today about Political Correctness!

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