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    The children you saw in the video are being blocked from academic opportunity. It is just one example the impact tax dodging, by America's largest Internet and phone companies, is having on our quality of life. These children represent our economic future, but more on this in a minute.

    Not a single phone/Internet company has ever fully delivered on its merger promises dating all the way back to 1995; making these giant cash rich Internet/phone companies liars at best - thieves at its very worst. Who are these guys you might ask? Here is a short-list: Comcast, Charter(Spectrum), AT&T, Verizon, Centurylink, a.k.a. gatekeepers of valuable information (on your Internet) that make life pleasant or a living hell - at their sole discretion.

    Community, non-profit leaders, and small business advocates relied heavily on the fulfillment of promises made when considering their support for mergers by these giant institutions. The promises of major phone/Internet companies during their merger negotiations were top tier considerations. So much so that these promises were incorporated into the actual merger agreements. So where is the enforcement? Where are our top cops on the beat making sure the promises were/are fulfilled? Crickets.

    Regulators(specifically FCC Chairman Pai) and state/federal legislators drinking the kool-aid served by top lobbyist say: "children and their families DO NOT need hard-wired fiber-optic connections to the home," because there is the cell phone. “Who doesn't have a cell phone these days,” they quip...

    Teachers, principals, administrators, and superintendents throughout California and the country have all bought into the idea that low income children have no right to the technological resources available to their more affluent counter parts. High-speed Internet access from home is viewed as being a luxury. Most teachers believe nothing can be done, and are hostage to these giant institutions.

    Children - literally - cannot do their homework on cell phone devices, and should not be expected to because that is not how America does business. Ever been to the DMV, doctors office, bank, or post office? How about writing a research paper? Preparing to buy your house; pulling together your financials, and bank statements, monthly expenses - how fun would that be to do it from a cell phone. Sure, there is no denying it can be done, but why would you?

    Children can't type a paper the same as their peers who do have high-speed quality internet at home. They can't do research the same and will not learn the same as children who do have these basic tools needed to succeed and advance academically. Today Internet at home is like books to read, reading glasses to see and a meal to eat. It is obligatory, not a luxury. Kool-aid drinkers of America, please sober-up to the realities of today. Our future economic engine need these tools to be in place.

    What's at Risk for Children and our Country?
    At Pomona Unified School District only 1 in 4 children can read at grade level. Over the last 24 years Comcast, AT&T, et al committed to connecting everyone to the rich resources available on the Internet. Comcast, based on its merger agreements has failed miserably in fulfilling their committed promises. Phone companies are guilty of gaming the system and the FCC is guilty of letting them. Listen to Mark Cooper explain how an outdated set of accounting rules setup by the FCC allowed over-charges to regular customers (me, you and grandma); deny Internet access to low-income households; and essentially put on hold the build-out of 21st century infrastructure (fiber-optics) for which was already paid, but not delivered.

    Furthermore, phone companies have been able to dodge $100's of millions in taxes through artificially contrived losses enabled by the FCC's accounting rules.

    Enormous profits has got almost everyone who could do something about it intoxicated with greed. These cash flow resources have become so ungodly lucrative, AT&T and their cohorts in this crime - host the entire California legislature every year for a weekend at the beautiful Pebble Beach Hotel and Golf Resort. Buying policy, policy-makers and even the regulators (the cops on the beat), has emerged as a standard business protocol. Corrective action is in order. But how?

    Fortunately, a group of telecommunication and consumer protection veterans have filed a lawsuit against the FCC to stop the madness.

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