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    John 5:40,43, we have the words of our Lord:

    "Ye will not come unto Me that ye might have life."

    "I am come in My Father's name, and ye receive Me not: if another shall come in his own name, him ye will receive."

    Thus: 2 Th.2:1-12 Judgment Begins On All Sinners On Earth

    With the Bride removed, the restraint on evil, through her, by the Holy Spirit, is removed and God allows evil, personified in Satan, the Man of sin, to have it's full day of everything Antichrist.

    The salvation ministry of the Holy Spirit continues as it was before the dispensation of grace in the church, and by grace through faith God gives, remains the saving way until Christ Himself reigns on earth. Then it is by grace through faith and in sight of Messiah in Jerusalem! (And still remains some unbelief! (The sin nature is terrible) And rebellion, led by Satan who is let loose for a brief time,occurs at the close of Christ's 1000 reign from Jerusalem! Christ defeats it quickly. Then His Great White Throne Judgment on all sinners who died in their sins and then Jesus brings in Eternity by transforming the heavens and earth by fire and sin is no more)


    "Behold, I will send you Elijah, the prophet, before the great and terrible day of the LORD;...(Mal.4:5).

    He was God's witness in his time. He was an Israelite in a Judaic civilization whose King, Ahab, worshiped the satanic god of his wife, Jezebel, Baal (1Ki.Chap 17-19).

    Elijah was known as a mighty prophet. Among other God empowered miracles he challenged 850 priests of Baal and other false gods to a contest to encourage his people to repent and turn away from false god's and to the true God and God of their father's. God empowers him to call down fire from heaven (1Ki.18:38; 2Ki.1:10).

    Through the power of The Spirit of God He raised the dead (1Ki.17:21-22). He parted the Jordan River, could make food materialize and start and stop the rain. He never tasted death.

    God took him home bodily in a flaming chariot in the presence of onlookers (2Ki.2:11). He even appeared at the transfiguration of our Lord (Lk.9:30). He will return to complete his ministry before the Lord Jesus comes to the earth on that terrible day. Elijah will be a mighty figure to wake up his brethren, and in so doing may very well face the Antichrist of The Tribulation (Rev.11:3-7,11-12).

    There will be no mistaking when Elijah is on planet earth. I expect him right before the Tribulation begins. He will be a great voice of his people. He WILL convict them of their sin. He will finish his ministry and the lost will hate him. Most likely he is one of two anointed witnesses in Rev.Chap 11.

    Elijah is a model for us. Didn't Jesus say that if our faith is present we can do great things for God as mighty as the Lord or greater? (Heb.4:16; Mk.16:17-18; Lk.10:17,19; 1Jn.5:4; Rom.8:37-39).

    Will we ask for the full anointing of the Holy Spirit to do God's will? Like Jesus said: "Thy will be done". Do we have Elijah faith? Are we ready ? Are we looking up for that blessed hope who is Christ Jesus? Listening for His almighty voice? Do we have that armor on yet? (Eph.6:13-17). In Him we are victorious and free (Rev.21:7; Jn.8:31-33). Be strong in Christ. He keeps his word!

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