• "Tarantino's Basterds: The Homeless Filmmakers of Hollywood" Trailer

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    "Tarantino's Basterds: The Homeless Filmmakers of Hollywood"
    A Meta Mockumentary
    Written and Directed by David Jeong

    In the mid 90’s Quentin Tarantino set the cinema world on fire with his two films “Reservoir Dogs” and “Pulp Fiction”. Two films that not only electrified audiences, but inspired an untold number of young men and women to become filmmakers. Some would actually make it in the film industry. 99.999% would not. This is a film about three filmmakers who live at the bottom of that 99.999%, who did not.

    Joe Black, a Native of Jacksonville Florida, began making feature films at the age of 17. Now at the age of 31 and living in his car in the Hollywood hills, he has made 14 feature films. All with various budgets and degrees of quality, and none of which have made any money. A fact that, much to his chagrin, he is constantly reminded of by family and friends.

    While in a hospital in Norway, suffering from brittle bone disease that would leave him confined to a wheelchair for the rest of his life, “Pit” Tomren saw a video tape of “Reservoir Dogs”. Right then and there in that hospital bed, he decided to become a filmmaker. He would write and direct two feature films in Norway“Bonszai Motherfucker!” and “Christmas Cruelty”, before moving to Los Angeles to become a “Hollywood Director”. Eventually becoming broke and homeless living on the bus benches of Hollywood, but never losing hope of getting his script “Headless Entanglements”, produced in Hollywood by his idol Quentin Tarantino.

    Bumdog Torres, a self described “career homeless bum, who just happens to make feature films.” He wrote and directed his feature film “Sketches of Nothing by a Complete Nobody” in 2007 while sleeping in a parking lot in Downtown Los Angeles. While it took three years to make the film, its only current value is that it gives him a DVD, which he uses to panhandles in front of movie theaters.

    David Jeong was born and raised in South Korea, as a teenager he was introduced to American cinema through the films of Quentin Tarantino. At the age of 18 he immigrated to America, to enroll in the Los Angeles Film School in the hopes of becoming a filmmaker. While in school he frequented the Mecca of QT followers the New Beverly Cinema where he would met Pit, Joe and Bumdog. Seeing these men homeless without any resources making movies, inspired him to make a movie based on THEM. In this his debut feature film, he writes and directs this story of three men’s struggles not to allowed their circumstances and failures to define them. Show less
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