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    Yay! Concept and lyrics and singing by me, instrumental by StormWolf/Josh Loh: http://www.youtube.com/josh...
    The instrumental's set below as a video response, but here's a link if you don't wanna scroll down for whatever reason: http://www.youtube.com/watc......

    Image originally found on Equestria Daily, but its creator has it up on his channel here: http://catspaw-dtp-services......

    MP3: http://www.mediafire.com/do......
    Vocals only: http://www.mediafire.com/li......

    Now colts and fillies of every pony kind
    Here's a song about you from your front to your hind
    Hairy, coaty, muscley, and boney,
    These are the parts of the pony!

    Now the poll is the name for the top of the head
    Where the forelock grows, and then it's said
    That the mane down the neck is known as the crest
    But we'll finish off the head before we start with the rest

    Well your ears they heard that your eyes, they saw
    That a pony's got a nose and a muzzle and a jaw
    Between them's a mouth that'll laugh and speak
    And smile real wide from cheek to cheek

    Now the mouth is a tool that can pick things up
    And eat off a plate or drink from a cup
    And the forehead's hard and protects your brain
    Which connects to the spine which is underneath the mane!

    Now a unicorn's head has a special horn
    And it's made of stuff called alicorn
    Cast magical spells that you've studied and read
    And those are the parts of the head!

    Next let's slide right down your spine
    To the parts on the back of all ponykind
    There's the withers and the back and the loin and the hip
    And the croup and the dock and the tail you can whip

    Now still on the back of pegasi
    There are two special things that'll help you fly
    With bones and joints and feathers and things,
    These are the parts of the wings

    The feathers on the end that pick up air
    Are the most important, so take care
    Of the ones on the top that are called the primaries
    Then on the bottom are your secondaries

    Now if your wings are open and wide
    You'll see some feathers tucked inside
    They help catch air and they're not overt
    They're your primary and secondary coverts

    Now the lesser coverts still catch breeze
    And your wingpit feathers are your axillaries
    To fold the wings bend at two points
    And those are the margin and the carpal joints

    Now back to the throat which goes to the chest
    Which goes to the barrel where the stomach digests
    There's a liver and a heart and a lung or two
    And the ribcage keeps them safe for you

    Into the body, there extends
    The shoulder and the arm it bends
    From high up there we'll go down low
    There's the upper arm and the elbow!

    Next are the forearm and the knee
    And the fetlock and I do decree
    This anatomy song we're almost done
    We'll do the hind legs and have some fun

    The leg's got the hoof and the coronet
    That connects to the pastern and I'd bet
    That the ankle's flexible and goes to the cannon
    These are important, if you're standin'

    Next goin' up we've got the hock
    It bends up the leg so a pony can walk
    We started with the bottom and we're going up high
    There's the gaskin and the quarter and the stifle and the thigh

    There's the flank on the side and the haunch near the top
    And there's one last part before we stop
    When your special talent shines in the dark
    You can show it to the world with your cutie mark!

    The parts of the pony are so cool
    So keep in shape and stay in school
    And strong and smart you'll surely be,
    Those are the parts of the pony!

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