• B2wins "Beyond Music" (2019) - Brazilian Twins from the Favelas to the World // Mini Documentary

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    "Who We Are" B2wins Mini Documentary 2019

    Who are the Brazilian Twins? An inside look into the Twins behind the B2wins Brand. How two Twin brothers from the slums of Rio De Janeiro, who played classical music on violins their father hand-made, ended up chasing their dream to become international pop stars and change the world.

    "Beyond Music" explores who they are, where they came from, how they got here and their desire to positively change the world through their music.

    B2wins Studios
    In Association with Peter Martin
    TC VanHooreweghe
    Powers Media House

    Special Thanks
    Kyle Stoutenberg Photography
    Arch Angel Studios
    Mapa De Cultura RJ
    Orquestra De Cordas Da Grota
    Espaço Cultural da Grota
    Pixel Labs
    Alexandra Seabra

    "Radio" B2wins
    "Light It Up" B2wins ft AY Musik, Produced by Jay Sangz
    "Yolo" B2wins
    "Dance With Me" B2wins
    "Hallelujah" B2wins Prod By Keenan Crow
    "Hall of Fame" The Script; B2wins Violin Cover

    Longer clips:

    Niterói - O Luthier da Grota

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    We are the Brazilian Twins
    My name is Wagner
    And My name is Walter

    Valter e Vagner in Portuguese

    Wagner: We grew up in this very poor place in Rio De Janeiro
    Favelas. Favelas yeah
    It was a very very poor place
    And very dangerous
    And the poor, that we grew up seeing
    Is very different than the poor
    That we see here in the United States

    Walter: The danger that we grew up with
    Is very different than the danger here in the U.S.
    It was very normal to see our friends walking
    With guns on the streets
    People killing each other, and getting killed
    And to see bodies laying on the street on a daily basis
    That’s just part of the culture of that place

    Our first contact with Music was through our dad
    He’s a violin maker but he cannot play the instrument
    So he literally forced my brother and I to go to violin lessons
    So we could try out his instruments
    Walter: Little did he know that playing the violin would be
    Our escape from that reality
    And take us, all over the world

    Walter: We did a show in Brazil
    Then the interview went to the NPR Radio
    We had no idea what the NPR Radio was
    And we didn’t care *laughs*
    So we gave the interview
    Somebody in Iowa heard the interview
    And decided to fly us all the way to Iowa
    To the World Food Prize
    They let us play one song
    In this 2 minute show
    The president of University of Northern Iowa
    (UNI) in Cedar Falls was there
    Watched the show and invited us to be full ride scholarship
    We had no idea what Iowa was, like what to expect
    The culture, we didn’t have computer
    Wagner: We didn’t have access to the internet, computer
    So we literally came just for the hell of it
    And...here we are

    We have gotten the chance to go to all the big cities
    That for us, back then when we were growing up,
    Was just, part of a dream, most of the time, unreal
    And now we got the chance to go to all those big cities
    That we used to watch on TV
    Such as New York, Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco,
    Texas, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Las Vegas, Chicago
    And this crazy journey has allowed us to travel way more
    In the United States than we ever have in our own country
    I know more of the United States than I know of Brazil

    As we were touring all over the U.S. life through us a crazy curve…

    Three years ago I was living my life
    Then I started feeling pain, in these two fingers here
    I thought it was a pinched nerve that was going to go away
    Then this day, I was taking a shower, got out of the shower
    Stood in front of the mirror with my beautiful body *laughs*
    Right in front of the mirror I noticed a lump, right here,
    Very easy to see, I took that to my doctor
    “Hey I think I found the reason my fingers hurt”
    And he immediately sent me to another doctor
    And that’s when he “Yeah, this is cancer and it’s a very bad type of cancer.”
    Ewings Sarcoma
    And I went 9 months through a very intensive treatment
    Doing chemotherapy and radiation
    *music plays*

    Now three years later, I’m a survivor
    Even though it was scary, I learned a lot from that

    Yeah no doubt, it’s been a crazy journey here for us
    We never thought we would be able to get this far
    And do all this stuff we have been doing through MUSIC

    Both: Now it’s time to take it to the next level
    Wagner: We want to make it much much bigger than Brazil
    Walter: Bigger than the United States.
    We want to use our experience, and our music
    To motivate people everywhere, all over the world

    Wagner: We want to change the world through our music
    We want to make people happy
    We want to make people understand that everything will be alright
    And there is no better tool than music

    Both: We are the B2wins
    This is who we are
    Tag along with us and let’s go on this crazy ride TOGETHER Show less
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