• Bodyblade®: How it Works

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    How Bodyblade Works

    The key to Bodyblade® is the rapid contraction technology which automatically contracts your muscles up to 270 times a minute. With over 600 muscles in your body, Bodyblade automatically contracts the right muscles at the right time, every moment you're exercising for a fast, effective workout. The harder you drive the blade back and forth, the greater the flex, and the more resistance you receive; resulting in a strong, reactive, and stable body.

    Transform Your Body with the Bodyblade®

    With Bodyblade® you are engaging your core muscles with each use while simultaneously improving your power, strength, stability, mobility, balance, coordination, posture and more. Training with Bodyblade is an excellent way to increase neuromuscular control, improve cardiovascular fitness, enhance muscle endurance, boost metabolism, improve blood flow, and assist with weight loss. Flexing 4.5 times per second and producing 270 muscle contractions per minute, Bodyblade engages your muscles and instructs body segments to work effectively together.

    Tips to get the most out of your Bodyblade® training:

    • Keep a light grip on the Bodyblade with wrists in a neutral position. Avoid bending or flexing the wrist.
    • To hold the Bodyblade in a wide side position (wide side facing the body), the center ridge is located between the thumb and forefinger.
    • To hold the Bodyblade in a narrow side position, the center ridge is located in line with your knuckles.
    • To flex (oscillate) the Bodyblade, move (drive) the handle back and forth in a rapid, repetitive motion. Bodyblade will flex at a constant rate, 4.5 times per second.
    • You can increase the intensity of your training by changing the force applied through the handle.
    • When you are correctly flexing the Bodyblade, your hands will appear calm and move no more than 1 inch in either direction.
    • Start standing exercises with soft knees and a wide base of support, feet facing forward and positioned slightly wider than hips-width apart.
    • Add challenge by gradually narrowing your base of support until feet are about hips-width apart.
    • Work up to performing each exercise for 30 to 60 seconds.
    • Make sure you have enough space around you to safely use the Bodyblade, about 5 feet on all sides. Show less
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