• Making Big Money in Dull Markets

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    Even when markets are dull, there are opportunities to make good profits if you know where to be. And that is our specialty...for 39 years. Gold and long-term Treasuries were our big winners today in the HEDGEFOLIOS service, which you can replicate for your portfolio.

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    Auto generated Transcript by YouTube
    welcome this is a Bert Dohmen with chart predictor Today is june third today was an exciting day we got the unemployment number which actually had big drop to four-point-seven percent which is supposedly supposedly showing at that the employment picture is a very good however that will only thirty thousand new jobs created instead of 200,000 which was the expectation and that is right in line what we have been predicting for and back the last 12 months with the economy has been weakening for the last 12 months and nobody seems to notice at least matter Wall Street where they are blind to anything that is negative but let's take a look at what you could have done today with if you were positioned correctly in our sister firm hitch folios that com we actually have five model portfolios and that they were heavily exposed to two areas that phenomenal double-digit gains today at these one of them and that is the precious metals and let's first take a look at the GD x which is the etf for gold miners and it is a daily chart that goes back to july last year you can see here was the trading range at the bottom until the middle of january and then the app move started this is decline here over me got a lot of novices the bearish and Wall Street analyst and also we're seeing all that sit for gold rally is over and we said notice is just going to create another buying opportunity and it didn't look at this big game today on the gold miners this one was up eleven percent as you can see here 11.2 percent gold was up about $31 and so this here you can see is a flag formation and we should see another big move coming on right now is a technical measure for that and we had that analysis in our upcoming Wellington letter another very interesting chart will show you we have been very positive on long-term US Treasury bonds our view was in the great minority we have been saying that interest rates in the US will be coming down and no matter what the Federal Reserve guys are seeing because they're out to lunch they really don't know what's going on or maybe they have an ulterior motive for continuously telling people they're going to hike interest rates three times this year it's not gonna happen i would bet any amount of money on that so we are saying that interest rates are coming down that means bond yields will be coming down when bond yields go down the bond prices rise and so this is once again just as a 2014 it was the best performing sector at that time into the trt which is the etf for long-term treasuries that you see here on the screen actually went up about fifty one percent of 13 months so that was a much better than any stock market ETF that you could have had so let's take a look at this here we see a standard deviation channel and you can see that today at it we had this big up move right here the TLT was up one-point-four percent which is huge for treasury bond and it hit the middle of the channel that is resistance so we should have a little bit of a retracement right here but long term the picture is very positive and once again in our Wellington better we explained exactly all the reasons why we are very bullish on this and so that's all for today just shows you that when other people are losing money and you can actually make a lot of money and that's what we didn't 2008 during the crash we made a lot of money during that time and we're going to do it again during the next crisis thank you very much for joining us today and we wish you a wonderful weekend Show less
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