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    Be Helpful, Not Hurtful

    Let's Save the Planet & its Economy! Every local TV Station Gives away Free Green Homes! Aired a couple Days a Week all over the Planet!

    Win Green Home by:

    Watching the Show for hidden clues in the Commercials


    & Buying Raffle Tickets (30% Winner Free Green Home, 30% Current Projects, 40% Invest into Trust Fund & only Spend Interest)

    Winners Pay It Forward help build 3 Green Homes & 1 Green Business. 14.3 Million People Helped is after the 16th Link in the Pay It Forward Chain, which should continue on & on...

    Homes will have:

    1 Floor Automated Aquaponics Greenhouse growing all the Produce, Biofuel & Biofuel By-Products for the Household for the Year. If we are to start using Food for Fuel & Building Materials, we cannot do so in Good Conscience while People are starving all over the World! We must see this as an Opportunity to End Hunger by creating an overabundance of Food.

    Refinery to Convert the excess Food to Vegetable Oil for Energy/Gas & a Refinery to Convert the waste into 3D Printer Cartridges.

    High Resolution Color 3D Printer to Construct anything for themselves & others from the excess Food for Money or Food. Some Homes will even be able to Print Transplantable Human Organs or Body Parts or Prosthetics or Pharmaceuticals. Making everything affordable & available to everyone, including High Quality Holistic Preventative Health Care.

    Generate 150% of the Maximum Energy needed to Power the Home in the Peak Energy Months. Roof 50% Native Plants & 50% Vertical Axis Wind Turbines, 100% Surface Area Covered in Photovoltaics. Use & Research other Renewables, Geothermal, Biofuel & Zero Point Energy Generator. 0% Fossil Fuels everything must be Renewable as well as eventually all Products will be made from Local Produce.

    End Goal each Home will be able to Generate enough Renewable Energy to Supply Power for a City Block. Eventually every Home will be Rebuilt or Built to not just have a Zero Carbon Footprint but actually undo the Damages that YOU & I are Responsible for.

    Tasked Based Education Program:

    Computer Based Tutorials Created by People with Masters Degrees. (Credit for Actual Degrees)

    Hands on Training, once a person is finished with a Degree Program, there should be no additional training necessary.

    First & Foremost Job Shadowing (No Point spending over 100 Hours Studying something you have no interest in doing. Far too often I see this happen in Accounting. They get a 2 Year Minimum Degree to find out that 90% of their Job is 10 Key which they hate.

    Breaking the Training into Tasks makes it much easier to Transfer Careers when overnight yours becomes obsolete. Instead you can do a Job Search by Tasks Needed & Pay to determine the most efficient path to utilize skills & a Living Wage Salary.

    Eventually translated then transliterated into every Language creating Free Higher Education to everyone regardless of Geography.

    Seek only that which is Ideal & Share it in a Benevolent Manner. No one should want for anything needed to Survive or Thrive, NO ONE! When we turn a blind eye to anyones oppression, we open the door for our own.

    Partner With:

    Kroger (They have a copy of my Task Based Education Program. May not need a Partnership with Kroger to get a Copy will at least need to be a Non-Profit.)

    Planet Forward

    Local Jr. High, High Schools, Community & State Colleges (Extra Credit & or Course Work) Students can Help Design, Build & Assemble Homes. Also Schools can Replace Roof/Add a Floor for an Automated Aquaponics Greenhouse & above that the Vertical Axis Solar Wind Turbines. This will provide Free Power & Organic Food for the Students. There is a Major Structural Design Flaw in Schools, they all have Flat Roofs. It is not a question of if but when this will cause Water to Pool, eventually causing Structural Damage that will need immediate Expensive Repair. It will Damage or Ruin Expensive Equipment that will probably need to be replaced immediately.

    WikiHouse, Open Source Home Designs

    TED, seemingly Countless Ideas that would be extremely Helpful!

    Habitat for Humanity International (Instant Global Workforce that can be returned 3 Fold within 3 Years)

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  • My Task Based Educational Program Playlist 7 - 14 Play all

    My theory is AhHa based. The database will keep track of the most common saved AhHas. The more an AhHa is saved the more it will be introduced. Every lesson plan filled with nothing but lessons that spark instant understanding. My idea is not about using something that already exits. It is about using everything that exits and making something that never has existed. Unfortunately we cannot start with every lesson plan filled with AhHas. We first need to teach and then the database, students, educators and programmers will find all of the AhHas.

    Lets just start with you sending this to 3 TV Networks and tell them you want to see Charles G. Hancocks, Be Helpful, Not Hurtful. Send this to 3 friends and ask them to watch and ask them to send it to 3 TV Stations, 3 people to continue the chain. Then you will have had a hand in the beginning of what I believe can be
    The End Of Hunger,
    World Peace,
    Collectively Restoring The Planet As A Priority To All,
    Freedom Free To All,
    Education Free To All,
    Hope Abundant To All.
    Lets Choose To Evolve.
    Be Helpful, Not Hurtful
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    We cannot allow this to continue to happen! The only way to be free is for everyone to be free. No one should want for anything needed to survive or thrive, no one! As long as we accept anyone being oppressed, others will accept your oppression.

    Lets Choose To Evolve
    Be Helpful, Not Hurtful
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    The first video is just a quick introduction to Cradle To Cradle, C2C.

    The second video is a list of a few accomplishments including the Eco-City in China.

    The third video is a much more detailed version of C2C.

    I do also recommend the 5.5 hour audio CDs. You can check out the CDs at your local library or purchase it here.

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