Building International Bridges a 501-c-3 non profit organization invites you to learn more about the power of SKYPE and penpals ...  
Building International Bridges a 501-c-3 non profit organization invites you to learn more about the power of SKYPE and penpals ...  

Watch our short videos and attach your request for English lessons (or if you want to offer a conversation class) in a post below the video.  (You will need a Youtube account).
Call +1 954 646 8246 

Find a list of people ready for lessons at  BUildingInternationalBridges dot org or search "BIB Penpals" and look for the list.      

Learn the 7 Global skills

You can remember them in pairs

Com and Col

Agil adapt      /      access Ana    

CR T  and CR T
Critical Thinking  and  Creative  Curious...

I is for INITIATIVE  (like Initial)  and Entrepreneuring

Why not add one more C == Courtesy.

 I have three ways of helping people with free English Lessons:  (A) www.Youtube.com/FreeEnglishLessons  has some videos that you can watch and repeat and repeat and review.  .....  (B)  Skype with Penpals (You can go to www.Youtube.com/bibpenpals and leave a message under the videos to ask  English speakers to contact you)   .....  (C)  Accent reduction with my pronunciation videos   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ESXa12DNCCs     You can also send email messages to FreeEnglishLessons@gmail.com and I will pass your email address to some local volunteers who want to help people with pronunciation.

You can find written lessons at  esl.about.com    
you can find some links to videos at  http://www.FreeEnglishlessons.com 

SUGGESTION:  make a short video and answer some questions
if you make a short video, a conversation volunteer can look at the video and give you some feedback about how to improve your pronunciation and grammar
.. then you can practice that talk.   
1.  make the video (create questions and then answer them)
What is a good place to visit in your city?
Describe a city in your country that you recommend.  Make it sound interesting so that volunteers in the USA will want to spend time with you so they can learn more about your country.
(Most people like to talk about something impersonal when they start)
If you are not shy, you can talk about your dreams and perhaps some of my volunteers can call you and 

2.  put your video on youtube

3.  send me the link to your video and I'll send it to my conversation volunteers (The BIB Penpals)

I hope this will help identify mistakes so you can then improve your English.

If you want to become a Conversation Assistant, leave a message on a post and someone will contact you... maybe even a student from another country.   (Let's  all be polite to each other...)
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