• All to Myself [Jashawn] IVCR1

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    I can’t believe I was able to vid the entire segment I wanted to vid. I’m proud :’D

    So, this is for the IVC. My requirements for this round were to use one of several artists that were in the “M” category, no overlays, and use one type of font. I know I REALLY wanted to use “All to Myself” by Marianas Trench since I’ve always wanted to vid it but never got around to it – I just didn’t know who to use.

    I thought about making a multifandom vid with a bunch of couples that could relate to the song, but thought the song would have more of an impact if I were to use just one couple. I tossed a few couples around, and I almost vidded Lars/Sadie because of their new episode this week, but the second verse is actually more appropriate from their perspective…

    And so, that’s where loser-thrash boy with kickass girl that is much, MUCH too good for him comes in, haha.

    I’m honestly really happy that Jashawn is canon, especially since it hits a lot of things I look for in couples. Interracial, characters owning up to their mistakes and trying to repair their relationship, GIRL TALLER THAN GUY AND GUY IS TOTALLY OKAY WITH THAT, boy outwardly expressing his affection for girl, confident and affectionate girl that isn’t afraid to express when she’s hurt and when she wants respect – THIS SHIP IS GREAT AND IT’S CANON AND I’M SO GLAD THAT IT EXISTS.

    So, as for the vid: it’s basically about how much Shawn has to prove to Jasmine that he’s a good guy after his royal screw-up in episode 5, and tries to make amends with her every time he messes things up between them. The song really does fit him like a glove, and I think he really adores Jasmine and wants to be with her forever-and-always. I mean, hell – he realizes losing her would be much more devastating than a zombie apocalypse, and he’s literally obsessed with the undead (to the point of it being a genuine phobia). That’s love, man.

    Oh, and about that TV-screen thing – the rules for the “no overlays” said you could use clips that LOOKED like overlays, sooo I was able to use the TV-screen changes that occur whenever someone in Total Drama is shown in the bathroom confessional. And I have to thank IVC for that, because I think this effect looks ten times cooler than all the other TV simulator overlays I have in my possession. XD

    Anyway, hope you guys enjoyed! I'll probably have a MEP Pack up in a week or two. Show less
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