• The Joker & Harley Quinn - "Marshmello" (Music Video Remix)

    399 views 4 months ago
    Harley Quinn's gonna knock Mr. J outta this park, around the world, and to a well-deserved vacation destination!

    Ready for #TheJoker movie starring Joaquin Phoenix? How about the #HarleyQuinn #BirdsOfPrey starring Margot Robbie, Jurnee Bell, Ella Jay Basco, Mary Elizabeth Winstead?

    Is this what’s become of Suicide Squad and #SuicideSquad2? Got to say that parody The Hillywood Show did, still holds up to this day! Got to keep the alternate universe game going strong!

    Harley Quinn - http://instagram.com/meeooo...
    The Joker - http://instagram.com/asianglow
    Director - http://instagram.com/robybe...

    Special Thanks to the Santa Cruz Museum of Art & History (the MAH) for providing their beautiful facility and location for our shoot - http://santacruzmah.org

    Cosplay Makeup and Dance Choreography:
    Original Music Video Parody Spoof:
    Alternate Director's Cut: Coming soon!

    Inspired by "Cross Me" by Ed Sheeran ft. Chance The Rapper & PnB Rock, "Location" by Khalid, "One Thing Right" by Marshmello ft. Kane, "Sucker" by The Jonas Brothers

    Seriously though, how many more Warner Bros DC Comics movies are lined up to hit theaters?

    Karaoke Sing A Long Lyrics:

    We go together better than storms of bad weather, you and me,
    And we’ll dismember every sucker who’s in danger when you’re ‘round me.

    I’m the Joker for you, I’m that Joker for you, yeah.
    I’m the Joker for you, I’m the Joker for you, for you, for you for you for you for you.

    Anything she needs, she can call me. Don’t worry bout my Harley, yup she’s on fleek.
    Just know if you cross her, then you cross me. Cross me, cross me, if you, if you, if you,

    If you wanna step right up to challenge, a princess and her valiant… whatever I am.
    Oh, forget it, I’m ready to travel ‘round the planet!

    Harley! Oh, won’t you send me on vacation, less focus on the medication,
    ‘cause I don’t need no time to think this through.

    Send me on vacation, just strike with devastation,
    I don’t need no body else, but you.

    I’m The Joker for you, I’m The Joker for you, I’m The Joker for you, I’m The Joker for you.
    I'm the Joker for y'all, step right up, step right up. Y'all, y'all, y'all! Step right up, step right up.
    Y'all, y'all, y'all! Step right up, step right up. Y'all, y'all, y'all! Step right up, step right up.

    Y'all, y'all, y'all!

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      Harley Quinn's gonna knock Mr. J outta this park, around the world, and to a well-deserved vacation destination!

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