Elllooooo... (© Sisi Commercial 2003)

Elllooooo... (© Sisi Commercial 2003)

How's everybody? Tell me by leaving a message! 
I love hearing from you guys. 

I also have an MSN account: Curlyrandom@live.nl, you can add me on there aswell.

--Who am I?--
Umm... I wonder about that myself aswell at times lol... You've been there! \
Anyway.. I play guitar, sing and write songs. 
I've recently started covering songs on youtube. I'm working on own songs aswell!
I've got some fully written & composed, just not have the time to give them the 
final touch they need and the time to record them and edit them to then upload them on youtube... 
WoW.. that was a long sentence. =\

I hope you like my channel! Keep checking it, more coming soon, 
if you like it: S-U-B-S-C-R-I-B-E xD.. Since that'll help me get bigger 'n bigger, 
and help You to stay informed of new video's! You don't have an account yet? 
Make one! YEAH because I say so! Blehh... :P xD

Okay.. that was my spastic keyboard attack..
Greetz, Arjen!
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