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  • The 08-08 Gateway and the Pyramid Over Antarctica

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    The Elders August Transmission ~ The 08-08 Gateway and the Pyramid Over Antarctica
    Transmission by Anrita Melchizedek www.pleiadianlight.net
    Artwork by Endre Balogh ~ Facebook ~ https://www.facebook.com/Sa...
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    Pyramids of Creation ~ http://www.crystalinks.com/...
    Music ~ Emerald Heart Solfeggio Frequencies
    The first pyramid is presently located in the grid over
    the area you call Antarctica, which would be considered
    a portal to other planetary grid systems.

    The soul who oversees this pyramid
    goes by the frequency signature, Xerthaneus.

    The function of this pyramid is to create and guide experiences
    linked to the comings and goings of extraterrestrial entities
    who were part of the history of planet Earth.

    And there were many entities from these far away worlds
    that were once part of the story of your planet, their journeys
    encoded within the matrix by Xerthaneus and his two assistants.

    Their souls having experienced through the energy of this pyramid as
    those who come from Sirius, Nibiru, Orion, Lyra, the Pleiades, Mars,
    Andromedia, Arcturus, Vega, Venus, Jupiter, among others familiar to you.

    And so the storylines would read that these entities came to your
    planet in great spaceships and interacted with those who lived
    on the planet, in the water and others below the surface.

    And there was created a tale of a great spaceship buried
    beneath a giant lion, who serves as a marker.
    And similar stone markers were left on every place
    created in the heavens which linked to the matrix.

    The experiences in other worlds are as real as your soul
    experience at this time on planet Earth. Those souls would
    carry the memories of these distant worlds often as a
    truer reality than that which they came here to embrace.

    And when this book is found, the ice shall melt from this place,
    revealing starships created by this pyramid, left behind as
    reminders of their work and interaction on your planet.

    And the energies of this pyramid shall still be read in the
    matrix of this total creation and experienced by those
    who would come to these creational forces for guidance.

    And Xerthaneus shall guide their souls through this geometric matrix so
    they may remember and join with other expressions of their creation.

    And soulmates shall meet in many worlds and forms.
    And they shall join in union, then be thrust apart,
    to once again rejoin in other alien forms.

    And Xerthaneus shall continue to create tales of other worlds
    for those who direct him to such realities.
    You need only place your consciousness within the boundaries of the pyramid
    And you shall understand all that is created that is ‘extraterrestrial’.
    Once you have entered the Hall of the Antarctic Pyramid,
    you will understand all that you have experienced in other forms.
    Thoth the Atlantean
    Welcome, sweet ones, it gives us great pleasure to be with you in this magical month of August as you deepen your connection to the many illumined beings of Light from On High and your own magnificent selves; particularly, sweet ones, in the reunion with your Star families of the Light and a deeper remembrance of your Star seeded heritage through the Christed timelines and parallel realities, dimensions and planes of existence. The 8-8-8 gateway, sweet ones, is one of the most beautiful planetary activities of Light linking you in soul consciousness to one another and to your Star family and friends of the Light. And we let you know that through a Divine dispensation given by the Federation of Light as you experience this Antarctica pyramid of Light you will be recoded with the “star ki” codes connected to twelve tribes or Star Beings of Light. This DNA recoding process, sweet ones, takes you into a sixth to ninth dimensional frequency lifting you into the Galactic Center and allows you to experience a deeper sense of your multidimensional selves. You are indeed experiencing multiple timelines as the veils of illusion lift and in this month of August the ability to activate the knowing of these timelines of light is given to you as a gift by these many illumined Beings of Light from On High as you experience the soul celebration and the reunion with the star families and the Christed extraterrestrials.

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