• Minimalist Wardrobe Trial // Same Outfit for 21 Days

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    http://alisonsnotebook.com/...... - For 21 days, I wore the same outfit to work *every single day*, and for 3 weeks after that I expanded a bit and added a few other items with a very narrow, minimalist wardrobe theme.

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    My original plan was to do this for 7 days as a semi-prank to see if anyone noticed... But no one did :)

    And then I kept going because I realized I really enjoyed it, and I think this experiment really helped me to narrow down what my preferred style is.

    In the video below, I give you the full scoop including:

    - Why I decided to try this experiment
    - How I chose what outfit I would wear every single day for 21 days
    - What I included in my capsule wardrobe when I expanded my selection
    - How this experiment changed my mindset about buying clothing
    - How this experiment will make it WAY easier to shop for clothes in the future
    - Why I decided to try this experiment

    I've read about people like Steve Jobs who wear the same outfit all the time, and they do it for a few reasons. One reason is to save mental energy and another is to save time.

    If I stop worrying about what I wear every day, I have a lot more energy for other things.

    How I chose what outfit I would wear every single day for 21 days
    The two most important factors were 1) comfort and 2) appearance.

    I wanted something that was comfortable on a normal day AND on days when I might be bloated or not feeling my best. So, it couldn't be too tight and had to have some stretch.

    It also needed to look good every day. I decided NOT to go all black, because I didn't think all black was all that versatile. I needed to pick something that I could wear to work and on the weekends so I could dress it up or keep it casual.

    I also wanted something that was flattering and attractive. So, I had to find a balance between "comfortable" and professional.

    I landed on a white collared shirt with skinny jeans, which was the perfect choice for me.

    What I included in my capsule wardrobe when I expanded my selection
    I initially planned to do this for 7 days, which turned into about 3 weeks. At the end of the 3 weeks, I still wasn't ready to "return to normal". I was enjoying the simplicity too much.

    But during the course I stumbled on an article about creating a dress code, and this seemed SUPER exciting to me.

    The idea behind a dress code is to continue to keep things simple, and recognize that I tend to gravitate towards the same things all the time. So, I might have 100 pieces of clothing in my closet, but I'm not joking when I say I probably wear about 15 on a regular basis.

    I noticed that the clothes I wore repeatedly were very predictable:

    Dark pants
    Collared shirts
    Black, White and Blue
    Occasional pops of color (mostly in purple-ish family).
    So I came up with about 7 pieces of clothing for my capsule wardrobe.

    How this experiment changed my mindset about buying clothing
    The thing about creating this dress code that I wasn't expecting is that I don't miss the clothes I haven't been wearing.

    I'm not sure I'll ever get rid of 75% of my wardrobe, but this experiment has made is very clear to me that I enjoy wearing a few things. And even though I love a lot of different clothing and styles, I consistently gravitate towards the same pieces over and over again.

    So for me, this experiment was a total win!

    What do you think? Would you ever wear the same outfit for a week?

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