• It Shouldnt Feel This Way - Original song

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    Hi All, hope all is well for everyone. I apologize for the annoying video! i am so pressed for time that i put off downloading this song although it was produced this past July 2014. I love the work done on it by Lynsey, Dan and Steve. This is a song that I previously sent out as a instrumental. Lynsey Cawtha was so kind to add vocals and a new arrangement to it, As always she did a great job. She is a pleasure to work with. The song lyrics are listed below.

    Thanks to you all.

    Thanks for listening!

    Lynsey Cawthra


    Lyns latest somg


    Dan Audio

    Dan Audio, mixed the music




    My boy Steve added the keyboard violin parts.



    Verse 1

    I recall to my mind, you're my foremost guide,
    Love flowed like a fountain, we weren't bound by time
    Can I take it on board now, people they change
    But I just can't help thinking, I'm the one to blame


    It shouldn't feel this way
    Your last words are still hard to take
    It shouldn't feel this way no, no, no
    It shouldn't feel this way

    Verse 2

    So I should just try, give my heart some respite
    Somewhere deep inside, there's something left to fight
    I have the awareness that part of me is bruised
    But right now I feel, I may never get over you


    I can't help these emotions trying to define me,
    When every day I struggle, I lose reality.

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