• GLOOMY GRIM - Obscure Metamorphosis 2018 Full EP

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    01. Crawling Saviour 00:00
    02. Stars Above Me 02:39
    03. The Lord Of Light 06:44
    04. Impressive Physical Sight 09:52

    Co-release by our label-partner GrimmDistribution (Ukraine) with MurdHer Records (Italy): new mini-album "Obscure Metamorphosis" of Finnish symphonic black metal band Gloomy Grim is out on October 20th, 2018!

    Format: Jewel case, CD, 500 copies, 8-page booklet

    Catalog number: 028GD / MURDHER 029



    Crawling Saviour

    I dug a hole into the ground
    deep enough I can not be found

    I lay to rest to hide myself
    from this world of lies

    Deep down here, only worms with me
    They crawl upon my body
    I feel warmth, which I have never felt before
    Finally I feel free

    Slithering, crawling Saviour
    Slime turns me to soil

    Slithering, crawling Saviour
    Save me from turmoil

    Hypocrite people with hypocrite minds
    now left behind
    Few sparks of hope were eaten away
    This is The Only Choice.

    The day turned to night
    only shadows ruled my mind


    Stars Above Me

    As I laid there in my grave
    and I watched the stars above

    I started to think
    this might not the right choice for me
    Not because I am not ready to die
    but because I felt, I have reason to live

    They showed me
    They raised me up

    Stars above us, some of them might be dead
    when we see their light
    Am I alive when you hear me?
    Have I ever lived if you have not?

    Existence in this universe
    is just an accident
    for me and you and for all the living

    After The Great War
    People will start to understand
    The Age of Aquarius is more than just a thought

    It will lead us to purity
    and to understand
    We are here only to die

    We are here only to die


    The Lord of Light

    He is
    We are Him

    I have risen from the grave of mine
    to tell you The Truth
    About secrets, hidden behind the lines
    they have told you, maybe all of your life

    Some say he is evil, some say he does no right,
    but He does what he has meant to do

    Redeemer of the world
    is man himself

    In the book of christ
    it reads directly
    If you stand against your god
    You are damned to Hell
    The Hell you are damned
    is this world of ours
    We are breeds of The Mighty One
    ourselves, not by tyrant

    He is
    We are Him

    He is
    We are


    Impressive Physical Sight

    Strong feeling came to my head
    as I watched The Pond of Black
    The Mist floats above it
    even the night was clear

    Something strange well up
    otherwise the surface was calm
    It looked like no animal, nor a man,
    more like abomination of myself

    Impressive physical sight,
    myself without a shell

    That is how I look inside
    and so do we all
    I suddenly saw the beauty of it
    and I started to run towards

    It gladly accepted me
    and we blend in together
    We became One again

    We are the earth
    We are the water
    We are the air
    We are the fire

    We are all living, dying and not yet born

    What man has created, man can Destroy Show less
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